Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Updates from Style Bard

Hey guys! Time to check in, since I know I owe y'all some updates.

First item of business: Style Bard was recently featured on The Cheap Chicas Guide to Style. The ladies over there are perfectly friendly and they run a great blog for savvy shoppers, so be sure to read the interview and then check out the rest of the site!

Second item of business: SelfishStyle.com is extending Style Bard readers an exclusive 15% off code! Just use 'STYLEBARD' to shop and save on flirty dresses, cozy sweaters and stylish skirts. I just love passing on this kind of thing to you, so I hope that you enjoy the special savings when I can get them.

Other things going on down the line will be more frequent posting and a much prettier, savvier newsletter. A fan actually wrote in about not getting e-mails on a regular basis from Style Bard News. I had to reassure them that I am a woefully infrequent updater, but that will be changing just as soon as I subscribe to a new system. So I thought I'd post that here just in case anyone else was wondering or concerned.

Oh! And I expect to add some more information about advertising and other matters to these pages in the near future, but of course I'll let you know just as soon as I've made any changes.

Do you have any thoughts or feedback for me? Now's the time to let me know what you'd like to see here or on Style Bard Shoes, so let me hear from you in the comments! Or, for a much less public forum, e-mail me.