Friday, June 30, 2006

Are you there, Kristen?

Bell. Listen, woman. It's really quite difficult to defend your style (see comments, here) when you go and get yourself fugged every other month. Please, for me, for all of your straggling, loyal advocates who will give you a few more chances, who continue to insist that you've got a style all your own deep, deep down- and it's good! - check the mirror twice. Or fire your stylist. Or get one.

Consider yourself warned.

Meanwhile, an update on the post mentioned above (thanks, Designer Ella). It seems the petites have been heard!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Carnivale of Couture

I've been thinking and thinking about Carnivale topics. In fact, I did not wish to ask the incomparable Manolo to participate before I had a few good ideas, so that I would not be caught blank on my big week. Then the problem was that I had so many things I wanted to discuss with everyone that I couldn't settle on just one.

But at last I've decided to just dive in with a bang and go for the most obscure, macabre, out-there topic of all the topics I wanted to discuss. Because that, dearies, is how we do it when we are indecisive over here at Style Bard.

Carnivale participants: In what clothes and accessories would you like to be buried?

I know. I know. I'm so horribly gruesome. But here's the story. A few weeks ago, when I went to City Place and found those adorable sunglasses, I jokingly said to my companion M., "If I die today, bury me in these sunglasses." I guess I basically mean that, in theory, I would want to be buried in all of my favorite pieces put together in one extraordinary, to-be-frozen-in-time-and-memory ensemble. So I could look the best, ever and if I were, you know, alive, I'd feel incredible too. Okay, give me a break, it's an expression, 'to be buried in' -- I know. Mwuahahaha.

Other than the sunglasses, I'd wear my beloved Irregular Choice shoes from London, my thigh-high white tights, and if/when I ever find it, if it were before this hypothetical day, my perfect white dress (if not, a backup would be that beautiful lingerie renaissance dress from Victoria's Secret). I would also wear my Rose Theatre ring, my parents' wedding rings (now divorced) on their silver chain as a necklace, annnd mmm, those earrings my mom gave me that are now lost (well, they're in the house somewhere). Everything has meaning, and in my head it all goes together pretty well.

I'm not even sure I want to be buried. It's not really about that. If it helps, think of the prompt as something more along the lines of, if you were Snow White and bit that poison apple and had to be frozen in a glass casket until the man of your dreams came to find you preserved in exactly that way (except all of your friends and family are there, too), what would you like to be wearing? Like... a day all about you, where everyone you know will see you and you are the center of attention- like your wedding day, except without all of those horrible fashion constrictions of tradition.

What purse, shoes, articles of clothing, makeup, will you be memorialized in? And it doesn't have to be something you already own- it can be anything. At all. Imagined, sentimental, seen on the runway, in a movie, or envied on that skinny girl at the cafe... what would you wear to be frozen in time?

I guess, for me, I -could- actually wear it any time I want to. Though it might be a little... Haute... for just any day (the way I am picturing it) and it wouldn't have the same emphasis on the street as, well, 'captured for all eternity'.

What about you? Please feel free to email me with your answer or a link to your blog, or if you don't have a blog, leave your answer as a comment.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yaaaaar, mateys, a new game from Bluefly!

Me first?! As far as I know, no one else has mentioned this (yet). I've always played the little competitions at, trying to win purses or shopping sprees or other ways to further plunder the already-discounted site- and I've never won (of course, 'cause I would've told you). But this is the first time that I've noticed a game going on before reading about it on one of the many fashion blogs I peruse daily. So, dear readers, as far as I know, a first look: Luxury Loot, or "Louis Vuitton Treasure Chest and Much More" at

Wish me luck! I will also cross my fingers for you. And if you win, please think of your sharing, caring Style Bard. And excuse her if you receive an email as The Style Bard shamelessly uses your address to win some free plays. She welcomes you to spam her back as well!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day, my sisters and I got my stepfather a huge bottle of Belvedere. I realize that between this and my Mother's Day present, everyone will think we're lushes. Oh well.

A late post, I know, but I just decided to share it since I did have a Mother's Day spot. And because this, my dears, is way, way more stylish than any tie.

And a reminder: I'm hosting Carnivale of Couture this week! So keep an eye out in the next day or so for my topic! See ya there.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Also known as buyer's remorse. Except that I generally use that phrase to refer to when I buy something and then get it home and regret having bought it, not for when I didn't buy something that I wish I had. Erg. Anyway...

Now that the big secret was out that Nordstrom's was having its sale- see previous post- my stepfather actually invited me to go shopping with him today. Oh, who am I kidding, I generally invited myself. But since I was working all night and missing the big cookout, I thought it'd be nice to spend some time with him. And also, hey, I can't pass up a shoe shopping trip (I have a problem, I know. But I'm admitting it, okay?).

We both walked out empty handed- but I did spend a good chunk of time circling, trying on, and considering one pair of shoes. These:

BCBGirls 'Toom' ankle boots, on sale for $54.95.

I loved how they felt- even though I've been obsessed with buying my shoes half a size bigger these days for comfort room and Nordstrom's didn't have them in half a size up- and I dug their Urban Cowgirl look. I could afford them, but did I want to spend the money on something that I did not need in particular when I have so many things that I do need to spend my money on? Namely, bills and my college loans. And possibly my upcoming trip to Martha's Vineyard. I generally teetered between loving the shoes and doubting myself, then I put them on hold so that I could get my stepfather's credit card (not for him to buy them, but so that he could get points or whatever the hell those cards do when they don't discount your purchases further). And then when I found him he was ready to go, so I just walked out without them. And now I really regret it.

So, with all the optimism in the world, I looked for them online when I got home, and not only are the shoes only $32.90 online, but naturally they're only available in a size 5.5. Obviously. Because that is the only thing that could make me feel worse about not buying them- finding out they might have been cheaper than I originally thought, and also that they are less accessible. What? Not fair.

I might stop in tomorrow just to check, but the ones I'd had on hold were the last pair, so I doubt that I'd be that lucky. I've learned my lesson, and that is to buy it immediately and chance the buyer's remorse - at least that way it's the kind that happens when you get to own the damn shoes! Hmph. If anyone needs me, I'll be sulking over here.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


A matter came up in the previous post's comments that I felt was worth adding in its own post. The beautiful, soft, shiny lipstick Nivea Pearl & Shine is actually only sold in the UK.

" The Style Bard said...
Oh my god.

I was about to answer that 'I've been looking and I haven't been able to find it, which is why I'm scared now that it's halfway gone' but then I decided that this answer wasn't thorough enough, so I began to poke around online, and I'm realizing (and dreading) the seemingly certain truth, which is that my sister must have obtained this new product while she was in London. I believe this might only be sold in the UK. That's why it hasn't been smattered all over the US beauty pages for the lipcare gem that it is!

It can, however, be delivered worldwide through this site:, thank god.

6/15/2006 11:59 AM"

Unrelatedly, I went shopping for several hours the other day at one of my favorite malls, and I only bought a few things at the Semi-Annual Bath&Bodyworks sale. To wit, concentrated room scent sprays in Fresh Linen and Moonlight Path, some White Tea and Ginger body lotion, and Oli anti-aging cream reduced 75% from $75 to $18.75, which is amazing because I've been looking for a good preventative wrinkle treatment. I would have a product image for you, but their website at is so flash and music and crazy-artsy that I can't even load the damn thing to promote their product to you. Oh well, Oli. But I will inform you of how well it works after I finish out the week using it in my pre-bed routine. We'll see if it has any effect on my pre-frown-wrinkles.

Overall, I do think I behaved very well on my shopping trip, though doing so left me without any exciting shopping triumph stories to share. I did notice my beloved Pucci wedges on sale at... Saks, I believe? for $174. It was very tempting. I tried them on and everything.

I just find it utterly hilarious, though, that when I informed my mother that it was Nordstrom's twice yearly sale right now, she literally, audibly gasped and said, "We know; we didn't tell you; we didn't want you to know!" as though she and my stepfather could keep a shoe sale at Nordstroms from me. For shame, mother. For shame.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright...

At last, this tiger changes her stripes.
I'm not against change; at the very least, I can be flexible. Experimental, exploratory. Sure, I go through the normal stages: denial (I do not need to change!), doubt (my ways have always been good to me, right?), bargaining (I'll bend a little, but I'm not straying far)...but then I can change, and change thoroughly. I believe it's healthy for growth. And yet--and yet, boy, was I surprised when I found myself trying something new with my lipsticks.

Typically, I am a dark-lipstick girl. I have always been, though once in high school I tried lightening the color and darkening the lipliner (but don't ever, ever tell anyone that I used to do that! This stays between you, me, and the 'nets). Lately, I've been framing these far-from-fearful symmetrical lips with the classic- Revlon Coffeebean. And then I top those darker shades off with some kind of gloss, either a Chapstick or the Rosebud Salve, something along those lines. And I know better- that I shouldn't get too dark with the coloring of my lips- why? Because I believe that my lips are a little small, maybe, and darkening them will only make them appear more thin (though the gloss on top does help). But watching my mom experiment with radical colors, especially in pink, especially in the 80's, must have permanently scarred me. Small lips are better than fuschia!

So when I was going through my sister's makeup bag and discovered Nivea Pearl & Shine- a pinkish, muted hue- I'm not sure what inspired me to try it on me, other than my cat-like curiosity.

But I love it. This lipstick goes on soft and smooth, produces that much-sought "natural" effect, but leaves a definitive pink tone on your lips. Not only is the subtle 'baby girl' color complimentary to my skin tone, but it's also pearlescent, as the name boasts, and it does indeed shine. I am completely smitten.

Granted, I continue to wear my Coffeebean, especially at night. I wear blush and lipstick at night, for the most part, and my eye makeup changes to match. But in the daytime, when I'm just wearing my MAC Hyper Foundation to make my cheekbones glow, I love the soft color on my lips far better than the dramatic wines I'm usually attracted to. And I think the pink and shine even makes my lips seem soft and round, the way I'd like them to be. I have since learned that there's Vitamin E and jojoba in the stick, which is why they feel so lovely with the Nivea on.

Maybe I'll begin to try some new pinks on my lips- hell, I bought that blue mascara- and, my Smashbox foundation does compliment dual makeup personalities- it's already a wet-and-dry, for lighter powder coverage in the daytime and a sleek, full coverage in the evening. But even if I do bend my habits, break the mold, broaden my makeup horizons, I know that Nivea will always be present in my kit from now on, and it will be highly recommended to my friends. My (stolen) stick is about half gone and I'm already becoming restless about refreshing it. What if I run out?!

I guess it's easier to experiment in the safety of your own home, or when the samples are sitting within your grasp in your sister's bag. But I certainly broke character to try something new, and learned that my stripes, colors, and products can change, and even improve. I look forward to my next great, accidental, out-of-the-comfort-zone discovery. It's like a toad turning into a Prince- and if the only way to come by these little lifechanging surprises is to kiss a few frogs, at least I've got some great lips now to kiss 'em with.

Now I just have to figure out... how did I get from tigers to frogs?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tony Awards (preview)

Hmmm, I've been holding off on some comments about the fashion on at the 2006 Tony Awards, which aired Sunday previous. If anyone can aid me in finding good sources for photos of the outfits people wore (especially winners and presenters), please do share!

In other news, I finally got a pair of white sandals for the season. I know you're just as excited as I am. I also bought a pair of black and white peeptoe slingbacks for... yeah, that's right... $5. Not being able to show you guys either of these shoes and not being able to visually share my recent plodding through various outfits for a recent Black&White themed birthday party that I attended has motivated me to bring my camera in (once and for all) to be fixed by the end of the week!

'Til then, let's hope I get more lucky/resourceful about finding very specific pictures of celebrities and retail items on the web!

And thank you to everyone who continues to help me find these things I seek.

Friday, June 09, 2006

At Work With Style ~1~

Until I find a "real, grown-up" career-type job (I've heard tell of such things), I am working at two restaurants, bartending and serving. A girl's got to pay back her college loans somehow, right?

I wish I could give you lofty, carefree narration on this page, full of high-end purchases and anecdotes about the endless soirees I attend (believe me, I do), but that, my friends, is called fiction. In real life, there is tedium. But even work has room for individuality and style. So, because I myself was fretting over style in the workplace, I thought I'd try some entries about little tips and tricks to spruce up work. There's a lot of room for style- your wardrobe, your environment, your mentality. If I can do it in your everyday, casual, Americanized restaurant, then certainly anyone can add stylistic flourish to their own job.

Today I'll start with the basics: uniform. Uniforms at work come in all shapes and sizes- there are those that are mandated and provided by your company in exact (think USPS), those that have regulation but room to flex (teachers), and then there are those that you whittle out of your own wardrobe for your workplace, keep in a separate section of your closet, and would never wear out on the weekends (you know who you are). Mine fall somewhere between the first and second example. I have a little wiggle room in what I wear, but not a ton.

Naturally, I want to look good and put-together at work. Especially when bartending, looking neat and pretty can be a huge bonus, and your effort is reflected in your tips. Besides which, I'll swear by the mantra that looking good makes you feel good, and that sense of confidence is a bonus in any career where you interact with people all day. But being that my shirt and pants have color and structure limitations, I've decided that my main loophole has to be found in my jewelry and makeup and hair.

So my challenge for myself is to find new ways to wear my hair (back) and short, simple necklaces to make me stand out and retain a sense of individuality. Some restaurants encourage this; some call it "flair." You can see in the image from Office Space what Jennifer Aniston's character thinks of "flair" (seriously, if you didn't already know that reference, you have weekend homework - no really, stop reading this, go rent it now - welcome to the 21st century). But I'm not doing it for anyone but me, and my restaurants don't actually harp on this detail. I have before worked in places that did - and as you've hopefully derived, I no longer work there. I'm doing it because the clothes that are practical are also frightfully frumpy, and I care about how I look at all times. It's a restaurant, yes, and it's physical labor and it can be messy, but it's a public space and anyone can walk in. My friend E. worked in a typical restaurant in L.A. and she had celebrities stop by unannounced. I'm sure she felt much happier about the blush she'd swept across her cheekbones as she sprinted out the door when she walked up to the table only to realize she was waiting on movie stars. Not that I expect any here, but that's an extreme example of the point. I'd merely be pleased to know I looked good if it came to serving one of those Mean Girls from my high school (again, if you haven't seen the movie... or Heathers, I'll let you by with Heathers - but just this once).

So the tip for today: utilize accessories to highlight a boring workplace outfit. Unique belts, shimmery makeup, cute hair styles, pretty nail polish, and chic jewelry are some examples that I believe will do the trick in almost any workplace- as long as you don't overdo it. Some general pointers for accessorizing: have one focal point, and before you walk out the door, take one thing off.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Canterbury

Com-edy, to-night!

Yeah, I think I need to blow $248 on this Anna Sui "Pear Tree" dress (as seen on Blogdorf Goodman). Because in "The Merchant's Tale" when... oh, you go read it. Anywho, the jokes, the jokes, the glow that comes from giggling softly to yourself all day long for reasons way too geeky to say, remembering the look on your professor's face when you raised your hand and asked in all sincerity (well, mostly sincere), "But how is it done?" -- that's worth every penny.

(I can't explain why, but I would wear it with these shoes. (As if I could ever afford Blahniks.) Though pulling out that faint pear yellow would be way more chic. Just to further complicate things. Because I'm complex like that. And also, these might be my favorite shoes ever, and I'll covet them always. Or, you know, until someone makes the cheapie knockoff versions. Or until I'm wearing them with that dress and I snicker myself topsy-turvy right onto my ass. Or maybe then I'd love them more. Com-edy, to-night!)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Shopping Spree ~City Place~

City Place is a beautiful little stroll through high end shops in West Palm Beach. Though I can rarely afford to satiate my shopping addiction there, I thought that with a little money in my pocket and a few set items in mind, I could pull it off. Besides, my friend M. (with whom I love to shop) was free Sunday, so I thought I'd take advantage of the company on the drive and the spree.

As we walked in and out of stores, gabbing, enjoying each others' company, I abruptly realized that it was an hour into the shopping adventure, and we had bought nothing all day but... Starbucks! Were we actually... forgetting to spend money?! But how? I had been in the market for a new watch and designer sunglasses (I make this distinguishment not to be a jerk but because I'm a trigger-happy sunglass junkie - I have loads of cute, cheap versions, but I always need one solid pair that will survive the season); I'm also perpetually on the daunting quest for that perfect white dress and some unique blue shoes (wedges or something like these). And even if I hadn't needed those particular items, I feel it would have been downright wrong to walk away from a City Place spree with only the remains of a frozen liquid treat with which to mark it. This simply had to be amended. We were armed with credit cards and caffienated enough to do some damage.

Once I forced myself to focus on the task at hand, and with much of M.'s enabling, I picked up:

DKNY two-tone twisted watch, $75. (My price: $60 with applied sales and Macy's Card discounts.)

D&G sunglasses, $134. (My price: $91 with applied sales and Macy's Card discounts.)

So for about $150 I managed to score the two major items I was hoping to buy! That's a serious reward for a focused shopping effort. My favorite store in the strip is Anthropologie; M. favors Betsy Johnson. Before leaving, M. and I wandered down the Clematis strip of shops and restaurants (mostly dead on a Sunday afternoon- hey, free parking!- but definitely more renowned for its night life) and ended up having late lunch at a cute little pizza shop called "Pizza Girls" on Flagler, bringing my grand total of the day to $160 (..quality time with an old friend? priceless). We sat on the edge of the intercoastal, which runs along Flagler, and we rested to enjoy dusk and wrap up the chatfest against a gorgeous backdrop with the ambience of a light breeze carrying the scent of ocean:

At the risk of sounding like an ad for Florida tourism, I strongly recommend: if you're in the West Palm Beach area, be sure to stop by City Place. A free trolley runs between there and the river every 15 minutes. Bring a friend and your Starbucks card.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Love.Want.Need. ~Style Violet~

I know I'm cheating with two Love.Want.Need.'s in a row, but yesterday's didn't really count, and I couldn't help myself. Discovered on the Toutie network of internet shopping, as seen on Beauty Addict's site, I have fallen for Style Violet's assortment of cute, affordable clothes! Whew, that sentence took a lot of breath.

Toutie offers deals on many unique internet stores, but what caught my eye about Style Violet was the phrase, "most under $100." By now you must know that I'm a sucker for a bargain. Here are a few of the cute things I found on the Style Violet site that I love, want and need-- and can actually afford to buy!

(Unfortunately, my internet is being squeamish about uploading pictures, so I'll post links for now and try to remedy it by morning.)
[EDIT: I figured out how to fix the problem but I'm going to leave the links up. =) ]

These Easy Linen Pants by Free People initially caught my eye. They look so comfortable! I love the straight legs, how they fall over the model's feet, and the faux belt's colorful detailing. One glance in the 'more pictures' section showed the back and made me wonder about sheerness and VPL's, but that's one thing you can only ever tell in person. $92.00

This is a cute "nature" kimono top by Tulle. I love the tie in back. Normally, I have an issue with tunic-length tops with empire cut because it makes everyone look pregnant (God knows I don't need that), but the site says that it has an invisible zipper to help it hold its shape. Again, something you'd have to try in person. $52.00

Last but not least of my favorite items on the site, this Garden Fairy Tee from O&G. As a matter of fact, I couldn't resist the playful mango color (one of the most flattering on me, it so happens) nor could I the wonderfully unique, fun detailing on the back, so I have already purchased it and it's on its way to me as I type! $28.00

Best of all, Toutie offers an additional 15% off everything on the site with the code "toutie," and Free Shipping! on your first order at Style Violet.

As if those savings weren't already enough, there's a chance to win a $200 Shopping Spree on their site. Someday I'll win one of these things (grr, Bluefly, you tease). Someday.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Love. Want. Need. ~Blogging~

These two posts are both why I love, want, and need blogging- and fashion- in my life:

From Fashionologie:

a classic example
>> This just proves that no matter how beautiful the dress, it may just not flatter your figure. I've had it happen to me -- found a gorgeous dress, crossed my fingers, put it on and it just doesn't look right. Same thing happened with Kirsten Dunst and this beautiful Rochas dress (one of my favorites from the collection) at the Marie Antoinette premiere -- the bodice just doesn't flatter her quite right. Dare I say it might have something to do with her posture?

From Catwalk Queen:

Kirsten’s Rochas Appliquéd bird gown
>> Inspired by Kirsten Dunst’s gorgeous appliquéd Olivier Theyskens for Rochas gown that she wore in Cannes last week (and she wears it so much better than the catwalk model below), I’ve now decided I want something with a print just like it. Not an easy feat as Kirsten’s dress is from Rochas fall collection, and needless to say I found it difficult to find anything to match up to it in the shops now. Closest was Zimmerman’s bird covered dress, but being a designer dress, this is still way out of my price tag (and the nearest store is in Australia).

That is to say: differences of opinion and the exposition thereof.

In this case, I agree with Fashionologie.