Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Al Amirah Trunk Show

Al Amirah, a new shoe brand out of California, is having a Trunk Show at Amelie's in the Village of Claremont, CA. If you're in the area, you should definitely go! The sale is 10% off store-wide, featuring 20% off Al Amirah shoes. They've got some irresistibly cute shoes, which have been recently featured on Manolo's Shoe Blog and Style Bard Shoes. I've also seen their Fall 2007 line and I think we can continue to expect great things from this label.

Here's the info:

Al Amirah Trunk Show
Saturday, July 7th
132 Yale Ave Claremont • California • 91711 • Telephone: (909) 624-5651•

You can also check them out - and shop - here:
Save 20% Off their online store through July 1st with code SUMMER20.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Style Bard for HerFabLife

The Style Bard is now writing articles for HerFabLife! HerFabLife is the newcomer women's site for categories such as Style, Restaurants/Bars, Hotels/Spas, and Stores. You can find great hotspots in your area for dining or shopping. Here are the latest articles by yours truly:

Quirking up the Return to Simplicity
- Examining the myriad definitions of the once-simple ballet flat.

The Little _____ Dress
- Looking at the summer sundress trend from '06 to '07.

You, too, can contribute! Check out the site to see how.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy 100th, Style Bard Shoes!

Wishing a Happy 100th post to Style Bard's sister-site, Style Bard Shoes, where you can find all of the best shoe savings on the internet on one page!

For more info and celebrations, go here.

The Trying Trapeze

Speaking of Trapeze-style dresses (why can't we just call them A-line, again?) here are some great, flattering Trapeze dresses and shirts (and those dubious lengths in between- shresses? drirts?) from Style Violet:

Floral Trapeze Shirt, $32

Dot Trapeze Mini Dress, $29.50

Kaleidoscope Trapeze Tank, $36

These are very much the improvement over the flowy, hippy-dippy prairie dresses I featured before. If you think the trapeze shape is something that would flatter your form (and hide the rest), don't fear having fun and being comfortable and breezy in these tops that don't try the trapeze limit. And if anyone asks if you're pregnant? Punch them.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Product Review ~Dove Night Lotion~ (+ Free Samples!)

I'm sure that reviews are supposed to be somewhat unbiased, but let's face it, who doesn't love Dove? I think most of us own at least one Dove product, and Dove loyalists are the type who buy their certain product(s) over and over again. In fact, other than perhaps liking another product a bit more, I haven't actually stumbled across any anti-Dove reviews on the web. Good for you!

The specific product that I'd like to praise today is Dove's Regenerationg Night Lotion (or Calming Night Lotion, depending where you look, though it appears that they're the same thing).

I received this lotion at first through Dove's Offers program, where you can sign up and have samples of their new Shampoos, Conditioners, Deodorants, Body Washes, or Lotions sent to you to try for absolutely free. Previously, I have received samples of their Energy Glow Daily Moisturizer, and I ended up purchasing a full-size bottle before the sample had even run out. So I was very excited to receive my new one in the mail. (Yes, they do take approximately forever to arrive (8 to 12 weeks) but that's kind of even better... when they come you've already forgotten requesting them, and then, surprise! A tiny present along with your fearsome bills.)

At first I was hesitant. I was sent a lotion and a bodywash (suggested for night showers, to relax before bed) and I am not the type who enjoys lavenderish, incense-y, typical relaxing scents. I was assauged by the descriptiong: "soothing honey & micro-pearls of shea butter." That seemed underwhelming enough. I did, as prescribed, attempt this product in the evening. Let me say? That I love the scent. I'm not great at describing scents like the infamous Annie of Blogdorf Goodman, or Kristen of Beauty Addict (I am so envious!), but it is soothing without being overpowering. When you're caught sniffing the back of your hands at 1AM, you know you've got a winner. (And that you're a hopeless night owl with an addiction to new beauty regimes, whatever.)

The result is not greasy, but it lingers gently on your hands like a veil, and it keeps them moist for awhile. It isn't thick and smothering, like some lotions that I employ, but I suppose it doesn't particularly matter if you're about to fall asleep; in fact it might be better that it doesn't get all over your bedding. I find the process of applying this to my hands a very soothing new routine, and I keep the sample at my bedside. I don't know if my hands are especially revitalized when I wake, as the product claims, but I always prefer my morning hands (and lips) when they've been moisturized the night prior, and I certainly prefer this scent and experience to many I've been through. When I finally deplete the sample, I daresay I will be throwing a regular-sized tube into my cart the next time I visit CVS.

As for the body wash? Well, I'm saving it. Some nights you really just need a long, especially relaxing shower or bath, and since the sample's just big enough for one shower, I'm going to wait. But I'll let you know!

I just want to sincerely thank Dove for their Offers program and to encourage them to keep it up. I have personally begun buying their products specifically because I have tried them previously through mail samples, so I can vouch for the success of this endeavor. Or else I am just incredibly suggestible. Whichever. Thank you, Dove!

For your own free Dove samples, click here and fill out a brief form with your information! It's worth it, I promise.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Caution: Take Heed with Heelys

USA Today recently published a short article outlining the dangers of Heelys, the wheeled sneakers that allow obnoxious children to be mobile as well. Not only are those adorable monsters going to be knocking you over in the mall, but they're apparently going to pluck your heartstrings as well when they tumble over and hurt themselves. That's right, as cool as they look (don't lie to me, you know you wish you could wear them), Heelys and their ilk might soon be required to be worn with helmets and safety pads, much like current bicycle laws. USA Today reports that while "doctors from Ireland to Singapore" have been reporting injuries caused by Heelys, and even one death, the sneakers that have inspired an "international craze" still have a lower injury rate than skateboarding, inline skates, and swimming.

My take? As with all recreation, children should be supervised. Just because they're sneakers half the time doesn't mean that a child shouldn't be carefully looked after when they are in fact wearing wheels on the bottom on their feet. They should probably not be worn to school, formal occasions, or professional events. We all know children tend to be a wee bit clumsy and a little hyper (hem), but considering the fact that they can probably sprain a wrist playing hopscotch just as easily as wearing Heelys, I think helmets are a tad unecessary (unless kids are legally required to wear helmets at all times, which... awesome). Just watch your kids, teach them to be safe, and be aware of the elevated risk of injury when you buy them sneakers with wheels on the bottom. Kind of obvious, isn't it?

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Great Shoes Deals This Week

Check out Style Bard Shoes for this week's great deals, including GAP, Old Navy, and Zappos!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Game from Bluefly!

Okay, so I've never won more than Free Shipping from Bluefly's games over the past year or more... and in the fast-paced and highly competitive world of online shopping, Free Shipping is no big whoop anymore. You can pretty much find what you're looking for without paying shipping these days if you're willing to root around for codes or search additional sites.
(And if you can't, I probably can. Feel free to email me, I'm a sucker for a good shopping challenge.)

However, I still find Bluefly's games cute and addictive (as long as the flash happens to load on that given day.)

Our theme this time is a fishing trip, where you can catch great accessories with your rod- just don't let them fall back into the water!

Play everyday for the ultimate prize - a $1000 Shopping Spree!

Good luck, and make sure you let your friend Style Bard know if you ever win something concrete... because she has many internet and in-person friends who play these games, and it seems like no one ever wins! Boo, Bluefly! Give us something to come back for!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Are You Serious, Store?

"Gray, knit, sequins and more Fall designer trends from Neiman Marcus"??

It's June 12th, store! I just hung up my warm weather skirts in the closet space where sweaters used to be. It snowed 6 weeks ago! Are we kidding, or what?

Please keep these emails to yourself, store... at least until August. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Love. Want. Need. ~Skull Flats~

Because my younger sister really loves everything pirate and skull, I have let the trend pass over me and to her at every bend. Every sale, every trinket, every high-end Hot Topic-like souvenir, I have helpfully guided her to.

But these shoes? Are for me.

I love how they're kitschy to the max, and yet still so chic, trendy and yet I can see them being timeless if worn appropriately. These shoes can be pulled off by all ages- only a sense of humor is necessary.

Best of all? They're both on sale and available for free shipping from Neiman Marcus. For more information and links, go to Style Bard Shoes.

Friday, June 01, 2007

World of Good

"Make Beautiful Things Happen"

One of the biggest challenges artisans in developing countries face is gaining access to outside markets. World of Good, Inc. creates opportunities for these artisans from around the world to share their crafts with a larger market. They provide access to fair wages, safe working environments, and long-term economic stability.

I wholeheartedly support this company, and you should, too. On top of making you feel like a more aware and thoughtful human being, you can buy pretty jewelry and crafts!

As shown above, I have a gorgeous jewelry box with eggshell inlay sitting on my dresser:

Handmade using a labor-intensive 13 step process, villagers in Ha Tay (Vietnam) mak the laquerware when they aren't harvesting and planting their crops. Access to outside markets provides employment and preserves traditions for the men and women in this village. My roommate is very jealous of this lovely and unique craft.

I am also the proud owner of this bracelet made from Tagua nuts:

This was handcrafted in Colombia and is all-natural. This bold jewelry piece strikes up many conversations when I wear it out. You can't really see all of the details of the nutshell or feel the reassuring weight of it in the picture. Please kindly refrain from pointing out how badly I need a manicure!

Every piece through World of Good, Inc. is equally beautiful and they make great gifts for loved ones. To learn more, click here to go to their website.