Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Bigger Picture

I don't know why I like these shoes, but they caught my eye, and I do.

Sure, they combine all of the latest, snazziest trends- patent, peeping (of more than just toes), combined neutrals.

I don't like the overall look. I never buy brown shoes. (Yes, these are a dark brown and not black. I wish they had patent black at, but the option wasn't available. Whyyyyy?) Somehow the horizontal straps of patent are reminiscent of the plastic lounge chairs at my grandma's pool, and the marks on your ass after sunning for hours on end... (I know, I know: throw down a cushion or a towel or something, Bard!)

And then there is the overhead view, which I find to be the.most.critical.view. when you're shopping online and observing the photographed shoe from every angle (if you've been shopping on a shoe site that doesn't afford this option, please stop using it! And let me know; I'll write them a letter). The overhead view is what you will look at, my friends, all day as you're wearing these new shoes you've purchased, with every step walking farther away from any sane chance at returning them. This snapshot will prevent you from worrying about buyer's remose when you're riding the subway and watching people check out your shiny, shiny shoes - from the top. On these 'Tax Spike' shoes (yes, that's their name), the bird's eye view is just... well it's kind of gross and unattractive. Orthopedic, somehow. So that's another nail in that shoebox-shaped coffin.

With those unappealing elements combined, of course the one thing I can think of to justify the inexplicable allure of these shoes is: tights. Boy do I want to pop some bright blue or marigold tights under these shoes and let those cut-outs do their work!

The other explanation is that these are Aerosoles, promising comfort despite the many places I can imagine those strips and nooks rubbing my feet raw through the first few trials. Despite the 3" heels.

I guess in this case, the bigger picture is being able to incorporate these shoes into a few fabulous outfits (fulfilling the nagging voice of my mother that haunts me when shopping: "But what will you wear it with?") and I can already see them coming to life from my wardrobe: empire blue babydoll dress! navy tights! Plus, I do tend to give brands that I trust a little leeway, rather than being pessimistic about their comfort level. Maybe they'll defy every New Shoe rule and they won't rub at all. Right? Riiight. (Besides, you know this gal never treads in new shoes without some back up bandaids or blister pads.)

So, in terms of the shoe: great grabbing power, dubious design. Bigger picture: very wearable. Would I buy this shoe? Definitely a possibility. Now let's just hope that the Biggest Picture of All (price!) helps me make up my mind... $89.95, but Free Shipping. So I guess the Big Picture comes with a Huge Question: when are these going on sale?

Friday, February 16, 2007

President's Day Sales

Here are two exciting deals (and a place to find more deals) to boost your weekend:

Macy's President's Day Sale

Need an excuse to buy some great shoes this week? Maybe you didn't receive exactly what you wanted for Valentine's Day, or else you're feeling a little self-conscious about those chocolate-covered strawberries you feasted upon and need to feel good again? How about a President's Day Sale - 10-50% off store merchandise at Macy's? Plus, receive an extra 25% off Clearance! And to add to your shopping justification, Free Shipping from with the checkout code PDAYFREE! If all of those aren't reason enough for you- how about buying these Sam Edelman "Jules" boots? You can say that the military-inspired style honors our forefathers and founding fathers and all of the hard work that former presidents have put into shaping this country and keeping it safe and free! Can you hear the Star Spangled Banner yet? I can! Now on sale for only $79.99!

JCPenney President's Day Sale

There are reductions a-plenty at this President's Day, but the spectacular savings come when you use your Penney's Card and receive an additional 15% off all of your purchases! This applies to sale items and regularly priced items. To get this deal online, select 'Yes' under 'Discounts' at your shopping bag, and then enter the code WPJCP15 at checkout. Can't you see your Spring pedicure peeking out of these gorgeous a.n.a 'Maria' Double-Band Sandals? I love the trendy metallic hue against the geometric black, and the insole is cushioned for comfort! Also available in Black and White. Now only $34.99 - before your President's Day discount!

For more President's Day Sales on items in every shopping category from travel to restaurants to technology, from the the ever-helpful deal site, Judy's Book, click here.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love. Want. Need. ~Olivia Boot~

I have wanted these shoes since the moment I laid eyes on them.

When I talk about "style," I try very hard to convey what this theory means to me, because I have a very specific and solid idea of what it means to have personal style as opposed to having limitless money, a knowledge of trends, or wearing individual things you see and like. While I define and sculpt my concept of true style, I am also working to conclusively choose my own. I have been through many style phases in my life, and while that was fun as a teenager, I am now in my twenties and I need to get a solid idea of who I am in fashion. I need to stop buying disposable fashion. I need to stop ending up with a schizophrenic closet full of clothes I can't bear to part with, but which don't fulfill my flavor-of-the-season style needs. My best friend mentioned that I am able to pull off many 'looks' and that this is a benefit for me, stylistically. However, while I have enough dare, fashion knowledge, and awareness of my body shape for this to be true, it does not a personal style make.

However, when I saw these boots, I knew that they WERE my core style, matching my regal, romantic, gothic nature with my classic, chic, city-girl aplomb.

First, I loved them at $123.99 and thanked the heavens for my wise decision to sign up for a Macy's Card. (Trust me people, this one isn't a gimmick; I shy from credit cards because debt frightens me, but Macy's offers enough benefits and discounts to cardholders to really save me money as long as I use it wisely. Plus it is easy to pay off in-store or through their website, so I have never regreted owning this.) Now they're $92.99 - I will probably receive 10% off with my card - AND I can take advantage of their President's Day Sale and receive free shipping through Feb. 19th (code: PDAYFREE)! This is totally a nail-biter and I don't know - should I, or shouldn't I? My mother weighed in and said she likes them but she's afraid that I'll break my ankle (very reminiscent of A Christmas Story's "you'll shoot your eye out!!!") and I replied, "On this one, mother, I am more worried about breaking the bank."

Help a sister out, let me know what you think!

Monday, February 12, 2007

I Am My Own Valentine

You know what I wanted this Valentine's Day? The same thing I want most of the time: new shoes.

There are two kinds of new shoes that I was looking for last week:

1) Comfortable 'errand' shoes. These needed to be something in which to run around Boston and buy groceries or shop, and to sometimes wear when I'm lazy and it's cold (shockingly, this is a frequent occurence), rather than my well-worn lace-up boots. Wearing 4" heels on a casual shoe can really do a number on your arches.

2) Comfortable work shoes. These need to be not flats but not high heels, sensible but not boring. They need to transcend to going out after work, without being too playful for the office. This has been insanely tricky. I think something sexier than a loafer, with a compromising 2" heel would be nice. I am willing to dole out a lot of dough on these of they're, say, croc or snakeskin or something timeless.

The first pair, I was fortunate to find in time for Valentine's Day, so I unhesitatingly ordered a pair for myself. (The second I have not discovered yet, despite endless perusing of web sites and several visits to multiple Boston shops.)

Keds' "Shi Shi" Flats -- these will look great under jeans, but I think I can dress them up (a little) as well. Don't believe me? Ask Mischa (in gold):

And they'll definitely be effortless to kick on or off to run around the downtown area. I found these at Nordstrom's first for $44.95 but a little web persistence led me to the same pair (in red) at Piper Lime, for $30 with the discounts I received for using my Old Nacy credit card (PL is a new shoe division of the same company that owns GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic). I also got Free Shipping! Color me excited; no, color me in love!

Monday, February 05, 2007


Vegan, Cruelty-Free Shoes at Mooshoes

Finally, associate NYC with being cruelty-free. That is, if you're talking about shoes - Mooshoes, to be exact. Mooshoes is a new shoe store in NYC with an online store. They have some super-cute shoes available, and while the synethetic, organic deal usually runs a ltitle pricey, these can definitely be considered affordable - and, of course, they're guilt free. I'm loving the fun name, playing on words to remind you that cows need not be harmed to look fantastic and own great shoes. Featured shoe: Bridget Beige, also available in Black and Brown. Look good, feel good, and experience "fashion with compassion."

*cross-published at Judy's Book

Winning $2500 Will Buy Many Shoes

Would you like to win $2500 towards shopping at Neiman Marcus? I sure would! That would buy so many pairs of delicious shoes! (Well... at Neiman Marcus, I suppose $2500 would buy significantly less pairs of shoes than at many other stores... but I'm sure they'll be gorgeous!) Just go to the site, sign up for Neiman Marcus emails with accurate information and you'll be automatically entered. Even better? If you sign up five of your friends and THEY subscribe, you get entered five more times into the drawing! Deadline is March 30, winners will be notified April 15th. Best of luck, and let me know if you win and what you buy with your winnings!

*cross-published at Judy's Book

Friday, February 02, 2007

Love.Want.Need. ~Catastrophe Tunic~

Siiigh. How I long for this shirt with every fiber of my being... it looks so comfy, so soft, so deliciously individual (despite the fact that I found it through Style Dash). Designed by artist Paul Coors, this unique article features scores of fiesty natural disasters destroying the world on both front and back of the shirt, which is a feature I love-- and would I dare wear it backward AND forward if under a blazer?

However, this poor Bard is, well, poor right now, struggling to make her way through bills and both a recent move (back to Boston) AND a job change... and can only gaze with longing upon the articles she hopes to buy when her new job(s) feel more secure. But she will continue to share these loves, wants, and needs with you, in hopes that some of her loyal readers may derive the exquisite shopping joy that the Bard cannot.

$36 at Art in the Age, 40-ish with shipping.