Friday, February 02, 2007

Love.Want.Need. ~Catastrophe Tunic~

Siiigh. How I long for this shirt with every fiber of my being... it looks so comfy, so soft, so deliciously individual (despite the fact that I found it through Style Dash). Designed by artist Paul Coors, this unique article features scores of fiesty natural disasters destroying the world on both front and back of the shirt, which is a feature I love-- and would I dare wear it backward AND forward if under a blazer?

However, this poor Bard is, well, poor right now, struggling to make her way through bills and both a recent move (back to Boston) AND a job change... and can only gaze with longing upon the articles she hopes to buy when her new job(s) feel more secure. But she will continue to share these loves, wants, and needs with you, in hopes that some of her loyal readers may derive the exquisite shopping joy that the Bard cannot.

$36 at Art in the Age, 40-ish with shipping.

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