Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Roses for Valentine's

Roses for Valentine's Day may sound like a tired cliche, but the flip side of many such stereotypes is the aspect of tradition. Roses are a timeless trinket of devotion, symbolizing love and passion. Despite the lectures we receive every year about being gift-creative, everyone enjoys receiving flowers. It's a classic gesture, and they're always bestsellers on February 14th.

Along with the Gift Guide I mentioned in a previous post, Judy's Book is also offering a Rose Guide. This chart organizes floral shops online for your convenience - you can sort by price, store, or location - there are 26 cities currently included so that you can find the florist near you. If you aren't by one of these locations, there are also national listings. Find the best deals on those roses you're going to buy to go with the 'creative gift' you can find in the V-Day Gift Guide. (Naturally, I recommend shoes!)

Judy's Book offers these tips:

1. Order one week in advance. Florists do not publish strict ordering deadlines for Valentine's Day.

2. Don't order too early. Many florists run promotions during the first week of February.

3. Roses become scarce. And more expensive. You may find better bargains purchasing flowers other than roses.

Hope this helps!

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Sean Carter said...

Well i guess roses are capable of conveying the right message all the they make the perfect gift for Valentines Day...and thanks for sharing the tips they sound really resourceful...well hey on this note i'd also like you to visit my blog sometime and check out some of the cool stuff i've posted there...and while you're at it do share your thoughts!!!