Wednesday, June 11, 2008

e.l.f. -- the makeover

I was going to do some e.l.f. product reviews -- and I still might -- but for now, how about some makeover photos? Yeah, I thought you might like that! But nooo, these are not of the Style Bard's own made-over face. For your enjoyment, I have volunteered my little sister.

Basically I demonstrated how to put on a certain item, and then she copied what I did to myself, onto herself. Me doing it for her, on her, isn't a great way for her to learn -- it's really best if she sees it and then tries it for herself. Practice makes perfect!

(Um, by the way, ignore the lighting -- it is, admittedly, terrible.)

Pre-Make-Over Photo (aka, "Before")

This is our clean slate - a washed, with astringent and toner.

Day Face (aka, "After #1")

Her own foundation, e.l.f. light mineral concealer. Then Sage, Mocha, and Ivory eyeshadow with a light dusting of Coral mineral blush and the light pink lip gloss that came as our free gift.

Evening Face (aka, "After #2")

Close-up. This is with Wisteria and Ivory eyeshadow, Midnight eyeliner, and her own mascara. Sun Kissed face whip blush, Guava lip gloss.

Finished product.

In summary, the products are okay -- especially for the price. I wouldn't suggest e.l.f. as one's primary make-up source, but for little extras in your collection (me), or if you're learning a routine for the first time (little sis), it's a decent way to bulk up your stash for minimal cash.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

e.l.f. order received!

I ordered my e.l.f. makeup on May 14th, later to discover several horror stories online about poor professional ethics, no customer service, incomplete orders, etc. etc.

So 3.5 weeks later I finally received my order yesterday. It was not complete - but I was only charged for the items sent. And I was only charged on the day my package arrived. (Space was previously held in my account but money was never taken out.)

So here's the rundown. *Asterisks* indicate items my sister ordered, italics indicate items I did not receive.

Eyeshadow (Cremes then Powders)
7105 - Berry Mix Qty: 1 $1.00
7106 - Black Licorice Qty: 1 $1.00
2503 - Ivory Qty: 1 $1.00
2506 - Golden Glow Qty: 1 $1.00
2504 - Sage Qty: 1 $1.00
*2505 - Mocha Qty: 1 $1.00
*2501 - Wisteria Qty: 1 $1.00

Mineral Powders (Blushes then Concealer)
6307 - Bliss (soft blushed pink) Qty: 1 $5.00
*6306 - Coral (peachy coral) Qty: 1 $5.00
6602 - Large-Sheer Qty: 1 $8.00
*6202 - Light Concealer (for light skin Qty: 1 $5.00
and golden undertones)

1809 - Defining Eye Brush Qty: 1 $1.00
*1804 - Total Face Brush Qty: 1 $1.00
2567 - Compact Qty: 1 $1.00
*2567 - Compact Qty: 1 $1.00

Eye Widening Pencil
1712 - White Qty: 1 $1.00

Lip Plumper/Tint/Glosses
2907 - Ruby Kiss Qty: 1 $1.00
2605 - Earth Rose Qty: 1 $1.00
1203 - Persimmon Qty: 1 $1.00
*2608 - Guava Qty: 1 $1.00
*2606 - Nude Blush Qty: 1 $1.00

Eyeliner (Liquid then Pencils)
4207 - plum Qty: 1 $1.00
1006 - Gilded Qty: 1 $1.00
*1004 - Midnight Qty: 1 $1.00

2401 - Sun Kissed Qty: 1 $1.00

(We didn't get these but I don't even remember what they were. No loss!)
3103 - Lilac Petal Qty: 1 $1.00
1401 - Noire Qty: 1 $1.00

Bath Gel
5101 - Peony Petal Bath Gel Qty: 1 $4.00

Instead of $40, my account was charged $34.

I also didn't receive one of my free gifts. I was supposed to get one because of a promotional code I used, and I was supposed to get one for submitting my friends' email addresses (I am shameless) for their mailing list. The gift which I did receive was two small lip glosses with an attachment so that you can use them as a phone charm or attach them to your keychain. Upon testing, I found them to be a little sticky, but long-lasting. The sheer color was pale and sparkley, and the pink added a touch of color. Together they looked quite nice. But I have no need of lipgloss charms much less more lipstick/gloss whatsoever (I am, so I passed them on to my little sister.

I will begin reviewing the products this week! So stay tuned.

Overall, as far as ordering/shipping/delivery -- for the price, I would probably consider doing it again. But it will all depend on how the products perform.

PS - the "Eye Defining Brush" is not slim and sleek as I was hoping - I suppose I was expecting from the profile picture that it would be an eyeliner brush (it's diagonal cut), when in fact it is just to apply shadow. Bummer- but we still need to see how it tests.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

E.L.F. Update

My order has been shipped, yaaaay! I can expect it in 5-7 days, so I will let you know then. =) I hope every one of my 30+ makeup items PLUS my two free gifts make it to me!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

SBS on TheFind

Check out this great mention of Style Bard Shoes on's blog: Click Here.

TheFind is a new, quick way to search and shop. Naturally, I always love a new way to shop! Just feed my addiction, why don't you. All you have to do is enter a few keywords to describe what you're looking for, even if you don't know exactly what it is you want, and several suggestions pop up. Pick from what catches your eye and you can easily purchase the items you like. TheFind even saves your recent searches for you. It's a great new tool and I'm honored to be noticed by and associated with them.

Szul Jewelry Contest Results

And we have the winner of my very first Style Contest!

Readers were asked to pick their favorite piece of jewelry on the Szul website and style an outfit to go with it. Here's the winning entry:

by Dana F.

Dress - Diane Von Furstenberg
Shoes - Chinese Laundry
Clutch - Roberto Cavalli
Ring - ASOS

I chose it because it's simple and classic, so the earrings really do become the feature of the outfit. And everyone knows the Bard loves a colorful heel!

I personally find myself wearing my 'Dahlia' Kipepeo earrings with a LBD with minimal accessories. I even got photographed at a marketing event in downtown South Florida wearing them! And I received several compliments that night -- Szul jewelry will make you stand out.

Dana will be receiving a $50 Gift Certificate to Szul, so she can go buy her Kipepeo 'Kathleen' earrings. Now who's going to sponsor the rest of the outfit, I wonder?

Congratulations Dana, and thanks to all who participated.

(For a great deal on more gorgeous pieces at Szul, check out the sidebar. You can save 15% this Father's Day with the code DAD08 !)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

sigh. e.l.f. update:

Thank you for your recent order with e.l.f. cosmetics. We apologize, but
due to extremely heavy order volume we are experiencing a slight delay in
shipping out your order. We are working around the clock to send your
order as quickly as possible and will notify you if there are any further
delays. We will send you a confirmation e-mail within the next few days
when your package has been shipped. Your credit card has only been
authorized, but funds will not be charged to your account until your order
has been sent. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and
thank you for your patience and loyalty.

the e.l.f. team

Guess I won't be seeing that makeup anytime soon...