Wednesday, June 11, 2008

e.l.f. -- the makeover

I was going to do some e.l.f. product reviews -- and I still might -- but for now, how about some makeover photos? Yeah, I thought you might like that! But nooo, these are not of the Style Bard's own made-over face. For your enjoyment, I have volunteered my little sister.

Basically I demonstrated how to put on a certain item, and then she copied what I did to myself, onto herself. Me doing it for her, on her, isn't a great way for her to learn -- it's really best if she sees it and then tries it for herself. Practice makes perfect!

(Um, by the way, ignore the lighting -- it is, admittedly, terrible.)

Pre-Make-Over Photo (aka, "Before")

This is our clean slate - a washed, with astringent and toner.

Day Face (aka, "After #1")

Her own foundation, e.l.f. light mineral concealer. Then Sage, Mocha, and Ivory eyeshadow with a light dusting of Coral mineral blush and the light pink lip gloss that came as our free gift.

Evening Face (aka, "After #2")

Close-up. This is with Wisteria and Ivory eyeshadow, Midnight eyeliner, and her own mascara. Sun Kissed face whip blush, Guava lip gloss.

Finished product.

In summary, the products are okay -- especially for the price. I wouldn't suggest e.l.f. as one's primary make-up source, but for little extras in your collection (me), or if you're learning a routine for the first time (little sis), it's a decent way to bulk up your stash for minimal cash.

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