Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Bigger Picture

I don't know why I like these shoes, but they caught my eye, and I do.

Sure, they combine all of the latest, snazziest trends- patent, peeping (of more than just toes), combined neutrals.

I don't like the overall look. I never buy brown shoes. (Yes, these are a dark brown and not black. I wish they had patent black at, but the option wasn't available. Whyyyyy?) Somehow the horizontal straps of patent are reminiscent of the plastic lounge chairs at my grandma's pool, and the marks on your ass after sunning for hours on end... (I know, I know: throw down a cushion or a towel or something, Bard!)

And then there is the overhead view, which I find to be the.most.critical.view. when you're shopping online and observing the photographed shoe from every angle (if you've been shopping on a shoe site that doesn't afford this option, please stop using it! And let me know; I'll write them a letter). The overhead view is what you will look at, my friends, all day as you're wearing these new shoes you've purchased, with every step walking farther away from any sane chance at returning them. This snapshot will prevent you from worrying about buyer's remose when you're riding the subway and watching people check out your shiny, shiny shoes - from the top. On these 'Tax Spike' shoes (yes, that's their name), the bird's eye view is just... well it's kind of gross and unattractive. Orthopedic, somehow. So that's another nail in that shoebox-shaped coffin.

With those unappealing elements combined, of course the one thing I can think of to justify the inexplicable allure of these shoes is: tights. Boy do I want to pop some bright blue or marigold tights under these shoes and let those cut-outs do their work!

The other explanation is that these are Aerosoles, promising comfort despite the many places I can imagine those strips and nooks rubbing my feet raw through the first few trials. Despite the 3" heels.

I guess in this case, the bigger picture is being able to incorporate these shoes into a few fabulous outfits (fulfilling the nagging voice of my mother that haunts me when shopping: "But what will you wear it with?") and I can already see them coming to life from my wardrobe: empire blue babydoll dress! navy tights! Plus, I do tend to give brands that I trust a little leeway, rather than being pessimistic about their comfort level. Maybe they'll defy every New Shoe rule and they won't rub at all. Right? Riiight. (Besides, you know this gal never treads in new shoes without some back up bandaids or blister pads.)

So, in terms of the shoe: great grabbing power, dubious design. Bigger picture: very wearable. Would I buy this shoe? Definitely a possibility. Now let's just hope that the Biggest Picture of All (price!) helps me make up my mind... $89.95, but Free Shipping. So I guess the Big Picture comes with a Huge Question: when are these going on sale?

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