Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love. Want. Need. ~Olivia Boot~

I have wanted these shoes since the moment I laid eyes on them.

When I talk about "style," I try very hard to convey what this theory means to me, because I have a very specific and solid idea of what it means to have personal style as opposed to having limitless money, a knowledge of trends, or wearing individual things you see and like. While I define and sculpt my concept of true style, I am also working to conclusively choose my own. I have been through many style phases in my life, and while that was fun as a teenager, I am now in my twenties and I need to get a solid idea of who I am in fashion. I need to stop buying disposable fashion. I need to stop ending up with a schizophrenic closet full of clothes I can't bear to part with, but which don't fulfill my flavor-of-the-season style needs. My best friend mentioned that I am able to pull off many 'looks' and that this is a benefit for me, stylistically. However, while I have enough dare, fashion knowledge, and awareness of my body shape for this to be true, it does not a personal style make.

However, when I saw these boots, I knew that they WERE my core style, matching my regal, romantic, gothic nature with my classic, chic, city-girl aplomb.

First, I loved them at $123.99 and thanked the heavens for my wise decision to sign up for a Macy's Card. (Trust me people, this one isn't a gimmick; I shy from credit cards because debt frightens me, but Macy's offers enough benefits and discounts to cardholders to really save me money as long as I use it wisely. Plus it is easy to pay off in-store or through their website, so I have never regreted owning this.) Now they're $92.99 - I will probably receive 10% off with my card - AND I can take advantage of their President's Day Sale and receive free shipping through Feb. 19th (code: PDAYFREE)! This is totally a nail-biter and I don't know - should I, or shouldn't I? My mother weighed in and said she likes them but she's afraid that I'll break my ankle (very reminiscent of A Christmas Story's "you'll shoot your eye out!!!") and I replied, "On this one, mother, I am more worried about breaking the bank."

Help a sister out, let me know what you think!


shoegal said...

Under £50 for beautiful knee high boots like these?! Go for it!

Aniela said...

They are too hot to pass up ! Snatch them up asap ! :)