Monday, February 12, 2007

I Am My Own Valentine

You know what I wanted this Valentine's Day? The same thing I want most of the time: new shoes.

There are two kinds of new shoes that I was looking for last week:

1) Comfortable 'errand' shoes. These needed to be something in which to run around Boston and buy groceries or shop, and to sometimes wear when I'm lazy and it's cold (shockingly, this is a frequent occurence), rather than my well-worn lace-up boots. Wearing 4" heels on a casual shoe can really do a number on your arches.

2) Comfortable work shoes. These need to be not flats but not high heels, sensible but not boring. They need to transcend to going out after work, without being too playful for the office. This has been insanely tricky. I think something sexier than a loafer, with a compromising 2" heel would be nice. I am willing to dole out a lot of dough on these of they're, say, croc or snakeskin or something timeless.

The first pair, I was fortunate to find in time for Valentine's Day, so I unhesitatingly ordered a pair for myself. (The second I have not discovered yet, despite endless perusing of web sites and several visits to multiple Boston shops.)

Keds' "Shi Shi" Flats -- these will look great under jeans, but I think I can dress them up (a little) as well. Don't believe me? Ask Mischa (in gold):

And they'll definitely be effortless to kick on or off to run around the downtown area. I found these at Nordstrom's first for $44.95 but a little web persistence led me to the same pair (in red) at Piper Lime, for $30 with the discounts I received for using my Old Nacy credit card (PL is a new shoe division of the same company that owns GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic). I also got Free Shipping! Color me excited; no, color me in love!

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