Saturday, June 17, 2006


A matter came up in the previous post's comments that I felt was worth adding in its own post. The beautiful, soft, shiny lipstick Nivea Pearl & Shine is actually only sold in the UK.

" The Style Bard said...
Oh my god.

I was about to answer that 'I've been looking and I haven't been able to find it, which is why I'm scared now that it's halfway gone' but then I decided that this answer wasn't thorough enough, so I began to poke around online, and I'm realizing (and dreading) the seemingly certain truth, which is that my sister must have obtained this new product while she was in London. I believe this might only be sold in the UK. That's why it hasn't been smattered all over the US beauty pages for the lipcare gem that it is!

It can, however, be delivered worldwide through this site:, thank god.

6/15/2006 11:59 AM"

Unrelatedly, I went shopping for several hours the other day at one of my favorite malls, and I only bought a few things at the Semi-Annual Bath&Bodyworks sale. To wit, concentrated room scent sprays in Fresh Linen and Moonlight Path, some White Tea and Ginger body lotion, and Oli anti-aging cream reduced 75% from $75 to $18.75, which is amazing because I've been looking for a good preventative wrinkle treatment. I would have a product image for you, but their website at is so flash and music and crazy-artsy that I can't even load the damn thing to promote their product to you. Oh well, Oli. But I will inform you of how well it works after I finish out the week using it in my pre-bed routine. We'll see if it has any effect on my pre-frown-wrinkles.

Overall, I do think I behaved very well on my shopping trip, though doing so left me without any exciting shopping triumph stories to share. I did notice my beloved Pucci wedges on sale at... Saks, I believe? for $174. It was very tempting. I tried them on and everything.

I just find it utterly hilarious, though, that when I informed my mother that it was Nordstrom's twice yearly sale right now, she literally, audibly gasped and said, "We know; we didn't tell you; we didn't want you to know!" as though she and my stepfather could keep a shoe sale at Nordstroms from me. For shame, mother. For shame.

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