Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright...

At last, this tiger changes her stripes.
I'm not against change; at the very least, I can be flexible. Experimental, exploratory. Sure, I go through the normal stages: denial (I do not need to change!), doubt (my ways have always been good to me, right?), bargaining (I'll bend a little, but I'm not straying far)...but then I can change, and change thoroughly. I believe it's healthy for growth. And yet--and yet, boy, was I surprised when I found myself trying something new with my lipsticks.

Typically, I am a dark-lipstick girl. I have always been, though once in high school I tried lightening the color and darkening the lipliner (but don't ever, ever tell anyone that I used to do that! This stays between you, me, and the 'nets). Lately, I've been framing these far-from-fearful symmetrical lips with the classic- Revlon Coffeebean. And then I top those darker shades off with some kind of gloss, either a Chapstick or the Rosebud Salve, something along those lines. And I know better- that I shouldn't get too dark with the coloring of my lips- why? Because I believe that my lips are a little small, maybe, and darkening them will only make them appear more thin (though the gloss on top does help). But watching my mom experiment with radical colors, especially in pink, especially in the 80's, must have permanently scarred me. Small lips are better than fuschia!

So when I was going through my sister's makeup bag and discovered Nivea Pearl & Shine- a pinkish, muted hue- I'm not sure what inspired me to try it on me, other than my cat-like curiosity.

But I love it. This lipstick goes on soft and smooth, produces that much-sought "natural" effect, but leaves a definitive pink tone on your lips. Not only is the subtle 'baby girl' color complimentary to my skin tone, but it's also pearlescent, as the name boasts, and it does indeed shine. I am completely smitten.

Granted, I continue to wear my Coffeebean, especially at night. I wear blush and lipstick at night, for the most part, and my eye makeup changes to match. But in the daytime, when I'm just wearing my MAC Hyper Foundation to make my cheekbones glow, I love the soft color on my lips far better than the dramatic wines I'm usually attracted to. And I think the pink and shine even makes my lips seem soft and round, the way I'd like them to be. I have since learned that there's Vitamin E and jojoba in the stick, which is why they feel so lovely with the Nivea on.

Maybe I'll begin to try some new pinks on my lips- hell, I bought that blue mascara- and, my Smashbox foundation does compliment dual makeup personalities- it's already a wet-and-dry, for lighter powder coverage in the daytime and a sleek, full coverage in the evening. But even if I do bend my habits, break the mold, broaden my makeup horizons, I know that Nivea will always be present in my kit from now on, and it will be highly recommended to my friends. My (stolen) stick is about half gone and I'm already becoming restless about refreshing it. What if I run out?!

I guess it's easier to experiment in the safety of your own home, or when the samples are sitting within your grasp in your sister's bag. But I certainly broke character to try something new, and learned that my stripes, colors, and products can change, and even improve. I look forward to my next great, accidental, out-of-the-comfort-zone discovery. It's like a toad turning into a Prince- and if the only way to come by these little lifechanging surprises is to kiss a few frogs, at least I've got some great lips now to kiss 'em with.

Now I just have to figure out... how did I get from tigers to frogs?


Anne said...

Ooh that sounds nice, can you find it at drugstores?

The Style Bard said...

Oh my god.

I was about to answer that 'I've been looking and I haven't been able to find it, which is why I'm scared now that it's halfway gone' but then I decided that this answer wasn't thorough enough, so I began to poke around online, and I'm realizing (and dreading) the seemingly certain truth, which is that my sister must have obtained this new product while she was in London. I believe this might only be sold in the UK. That's why it hasn't been smattered all over the US beauty pages for the lipcare gem that it is!

It can, however, be delivered worldwide through this site:, thank god.

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