Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Love. Want. Need. ~Pucci~

Once again, the brilliant Shoewawa makes me drool for a pair of gorgeous shoes. I don't always agree with the sister-sites Shoewawa, Catwalk Queen, The Bag Lady --- but I don't take their opinions lightly, either. And lo! though I spent all of yesterday shopping (oh yeah, more on that to come, fear not, faithful lads and lasses) I never found a pair of wedges I liked. Not. One. Pair! I was looking for two things (shoe-wise): metallic sandals that weren't flats, and blue-and-white wedges. What. Is. So. Hard?

As some of you might recall, I have been searching for shoes to go with something like this dress:
To be paired with a shrug or a cardi or cover-up of some kind, in white.

And then sigh, today my heart goes flippity-flop for these oh-so-unaffordable Pucci thong wedges:

$250 for the shoes and my outfit was only, what, $40! Oh well, at least I'd look like a thousand bucks! Especially with the oversized thin-white-framed sunglasses I bought yesterday... oh yes, I caved, and it felt glorious!

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eurobrat said...

I just bought a Pucci wallet on sale- it was pricy, but so worth it!!!

White framed sunglasses would look fab with the wild Pucci prints.