Thursday, May 11, 2006

Shopping Spree ~Outlet Mall~

Yes, the outlet mall.

...look, before you judge me, let me just say this. They added a Banana Republic (and some other things)! I couldn't help myself, I had to go have a walk-around, especially on a beautiful weekday, before the kiddies are out of school for the summer, when we post-college twenty-somethings can strut around like the Queens of the World with no place to be except at the mall. The place was dead; the place was mine.

But I won't just go on and on bragging about the things I purchased (though I would) or the unbelievable prices for which they were obtained (though I should). I will merely focus on what's important, the essentials of this little shopping spree, contained in a little story that goes something like this:

So there I was walking along, fiddle-dee-dee, swinging my armloads of shopping bags, basking in that new-clothes smell and the adrenaline of seriously good buys, on my way to the BCBG Maxazria outlet (would I lie to you?), all in all looking as carefree as the above photo, had I an umbrella or fucshia bowler...

...when what do I pass, look back at, turn, and slowly approach (much like a predator stalking its prey) but a Cosmetics Company Store? Inside this makeup haven are shelves and shelves of Estee Lauder (Clinique, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Stila) --- outlet. My eyes must have glassed up, maybe I drooled a little as I entered, slack-jawed. In this beautiful, beautiful store were all of these makeup lines, usually unobtainable to me because I am a sensible and penny-wise girl, and they were all (waaaait for it) least 30% off.

This was where I spent the next hour or so, sampling, fondling, searching through the goodies. Now, granted, it was an outlet, so many of the things they offered were Merry Christmas! compacts and 5th Anniversary collections. But then again, there were limited-release items now discontinued, and seasonal scents that no one can get their hands on. When loved ones tell you, "Don't worry, they didn't really discontinue your favorite Lipglass, they just sent it to a farm where it could run and play with all the other beauty products!" this is what they mean. It was truly Heaven.

Not only that, but to work there the sales ladies didn't even need makeup training. They knew little to nothing about these brands or their values. Apparently, they are given the number of a superior Estee Lauder representative for when they have questions. On one hand, they were terrible at helping me find things and answering my questions about the stock. On the other hand, I was the most knowledgeable person in the store, so I was given free range to toy with everything my little heart desired!

The best (and worst) part is that when I got to chatting with these fantastic, personable ladies, they told me that there were jobs open for not only salespeople but full-time management! And they get (are you sitting down?) 50% off already reduced merchandise bringing their grand discount to an average of 80% off Estee Lauder. And then the one added, "You look like you'd be great for the management job." still my heart. It would be a total dream job! But, alas, I would have to stay in Small Town, NY. And I just, I just can't. What's the good of having unlimited access to beautiful makeup in a town where no one even appreciates that this little store is there and even the sales people don't know too much about the cosmetics? (This was like that Twilight Zone, where the guy gets to live in a world of books with unlimited time to read them and he steps on his glasses...)

Anyway, there were two things I purchased that day, I will make it a point to go back and get more:

MAC Eyeshadow, Regular Price $13.50, My Price: $9.50

MAC Hyper Real Foundation, Regular Price $26.00, My Price $17.00

And this was all especially sweetened because earlier in the day at the very same mall, in an outlet Borders, I picked up:
Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin, Regular Price: $21.95, My Price: $6.99

I bought this book for The Little Sister last Christmas, as mentioned in an earlier post, but for this price I figured I should get my own and stop stealing hers! Besides, at the end of this shopping day, hadn't I had enough "steals"?


Cara said...


The Style Bard said...

...I'm not even going to claim that was a typo. Why do I always do that?

Probably because it's easier to say. And in the grand scheme of things, my subconscious master plan is to be oblivious to everything but the way I want things to be. And then I, um... apparently sit back and wait for them to come around.

So just you wait, my pretty, just you wait...

The Style Bard said...


No, in my original post, I had it "Maxaria" and that is not even how I usually say it.

I usually say "Maxzaria". So, it was a typo after all.

All better now.

Cara said...

Hee. I was going to see how long you could keep the conversation with yourself going...
See, you think 'Aria' because of that Niles/Frasier thing we were talking about.

!mp said...

don't defend typos or pseudo-typos, you have a lot of words to type, more than your comment-ors do, at least.
i used to ban people for pointing them out, because it's like the least mature thing for a reader to do. especially when you know them and they can tell you in constant conversation.

and I want to "delete" that last sentence. i also want to "steal" some sleep.