Monday, May 08, 2006

Carnivale de Couture ~Reply 3~

From Clothesaholic, Clothes on Film:

"What movie, TV show or video featured clothes that made an impression on you? What movie, TV or video wardrobe did you try to emulate? How many times did you dress up as Emma Peel (or for the mens, John Steed) at Halloween, and if not, why not? 'Fess up, I know you have at least one vest a la Annie Hall, or torn sweat-shirt a la Flashdance, stuffed back there in your Closet of Shame."

Well! Goody. Because I have to take one of the obvious films, but be true to myself and say, yes: Gone with the Wind.

I. have. always. wanted to dress like (and be, ahem) Scarlett O'Hara. I wanted to sweep my full-skirted gowns down elegant stairways and steal Melanie's beau, to be an 'asshole magnet' and court the unbridled, dark, curt Rhett. I wanted to be a vixen in a corset and make a gorgeous velvet gown out of curtains, oh yes, yes I did.

Most of all I wanted to wear this, the infamous whore-red dress:

Ah, 1860's. I have never worn full period garb, but I would love to. My style will always bend to accomodate any clothing that brings me closer to feeling like film's favorite bitch.

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Cara said...

I always wanted to wear the dress she wore to the barbecue- the green and white one. You could do some serious flouncing in that thing. But I never wanted to be her because...ew, Ashley. Seriously? You could just get a mop, name it Ashley and it would be more interesting. Also she was really, really bitchy. And not in the fun way we are. She stole her sister's mans! I wouldn't come within ten feet of my sister's mans. Unless she dated Logan. Or Dark Heart Cassidy. Mm.