Sunday, May 07, 2006

Love. Want. Need. ~Free People~

On my "goodbye, city!" shopping spree, I loaded up on a lot of great H&M and Free People clothes (among other things, naturally, but these were the great deals -- and I am all about great deals). Because my camera is still broken, I haven't been able to share my amazing finds, but today I thought I'd see if I could find the items (or things like them) online.

Of course I couldn't, since the pieces were already on sale, but I got to looking around online and I have to tell you, I am not at all impressed with Free People shoes. There was just about nothing that caught my eye, and boy howdy it is difficult for me to go to a shoe section and not want to buy, or not to buy, a few pairs.

But these two, though they weren't incredibly eyecatching, were my favorites.

First, some blue boots. I would wear the heck out of these:

And then these are really cute:

The amazing thing about the zebra flats is that I love them even though I absolutely loathe the ballet flat trend. I think that flats (like most things) are cute on some people, for some looks. I've seen punk-y/indie girls at concerts with their hair in pigtails and lots of buttons and pins all over their purse pull them off nicely (I'm looking at you, Kim).

For long, lean, tall girls, the curve of the toe and the flat heel is unflattering. It's like they've been blessed with "legs that go on forever" until whomp! truncated. As though an axe had suddenly curtailed those long stems. Your shoe should elongate and flatter the line of your body and give your entire 2D image a pulled-together, long-and-lean image. Especially under a pair of long trousers, you need some toe peeping out from under the cuffs. Ballet flats can make it look like you've got no feet! However, if I were ever to compromise my devotion to pointy-toe (or at least non-rounded toe) shoes with heels, these would be the shoes for which to compromise. They're stylish- and classy too. The toe isn't too stunted at the end; it comes out a little from the body of the shoe. I could wear these under jeans and not feel too much like a sell-out or trend-hopper. The zebra definitely puts them in the ranks with my own personal style.

I might be adding these to my collection very soon. I almost reached for my credit card immediately when I looked at them.

As for the other 6 pages of shoes on Free People, I just say phooey.


Cara said...

Good. Then I won't need to buy new shoes to bury you in. Because those are Heathers shoes. Heathers shoes!

The Style Bard said...

Heee. Good call. True, but still... I'd have to see them on. Like I said, if ever I conformed to a Heather shoe, it would be these. A little pricey for shoe-style experimentation.

Danielle said...

The blue boots rock. I would wear the heck outa them too.