Monday, June 19, 2006

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Also known as buyer's remorse. Except that I generally use that phrase to refer to when I buy something and then get it home and regret having bought it, not for when I didn't buy something that I wish I had. Erg. Anyway...

Now that the big secret was out that Nordstrom's was having its sale- see previous post- my stepfather actually invited me to go shopping with him today. Oh, who am I kidding, I generally invited myself. But since I was working all night and missing the big cookout, I thought it'd be nice to spend some time with him. And also, hey, I can't pass up a shoe shopping trip (I have a problem, I know. But I'm admitting it, okay?).

We both walked out empty handed- but I did spend a good chunk of time circling, trying on, and considering one pair of shoes. These:

BCBGirls 'Toom' ankle boots, on sale for $54.95.

I loved how they felt- even though I've been obsessed with buying my shoes half a size bigger these days for comfort room and Nordstrom's didn't have them in half a size up- and I dug their Urban Cowgirl look. I could afford them, but did I want to spend the money on something that I did not need in particular when I have so many things that I do need to spend my money on? Namely, bills and my college loans. And possibly my upcoming trip to Martha's Vineyard. I generally teetered between loving the shoes and doubting myself, then I put them on hold so that I could get my stepfather's credit card (not for him to buy them, but so that he could get points or whatever the hell those cards do when they don't discount your purchases further). And then when I found him he was ready to go, so I just walked out without them. And now I really regret it.

So, with all the optimism in the world, I looked for them online when I got home, and not only are the shoes only $32.90 online, but naturally they're only available in a size 5.5. Obviously. Because that is the only thing that could make me feel worse about not buying them- finding out they might have been cheaper than I originally thought, and also that they are less accessible. What? Not fair.

I might stop in tomorrow just to check, but the ones I'd had on hold were the last pair, so I doubt that I'd be that lucky. I've learned my lesson, and that is to buy it immediately and chance the buyer's remorse - at least that way it's the kind that happens when you get to own the damn shoes! Hmph. If anyone needs me, I'll be sulking over here.

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