Thursday, June 01, 2006

Love. Want. Need. ~Blogging~

These two posts are both why I love, want, and need blogging- and fashion- in my life:

From Fashionologie:

a classic example
>> This just proves that no matter how beautiful the dress, it may just not flatter your figure. I've had it happen to me -- found a gorgeous dress, crossed my fingers, put it on and it just doesn't look right. Same thing happened with Kirsten Dunst and this beautiful Rochas dress (one of my favorites from the collection) at the Marie Antoinette premiere -- the bodice just doesn't flatter her quite right. Dare I say it might have something to do with her posture?

From Catwalk Queen:

Kirsten’s Rochas Appliquéd bird gown
>> Inspired by Kirsten Dunst’s gorgeous appliquéd Olivier Theyskens for Rochas gown that she wore in Cannes last week (and she wears it so much better than the catwalk model below), I’ve now decided I want something with a print just like it. Not an easy feat as Kirsten’s dress is from Rochas fall collection, and needless to say I found it difficult to find anything to match up to it in the shops now. Closest was Zimmerman’s bird covered dress, but being a designer dress, this is still way out of my price tag (and the nearest store is in Australia).

That is to say: differences of opinion and the exposition thereof.

In this case, I agree with Fashionologie.


!mp said...
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missc said...

true true, what would i be without fashion blogs?
i'd be forced to read processed fashion glossies with no emotions whatsoever
the horrors!

The Style Bard said...

Reminds me of that Sex in the City episode where Candice Bergen is like "No one cares what Carrie Bradshaw thinks! This is a magazine!" hahaha. Blogs like mine are totally about perspective, and the meaning and dogma of fashion can only be derived by juxtaposing POV's. Some (unlike mine, natch) are more formal and processed, but I also enjoy those (and my glossies) for what they are. Ah, but blogging, blogging is special.