Saturday, June 03, 2006

Love.Want.Need. ~Style Violet~

I know I'm cheating with two Love.Want.Need.'s in a row, but yesterday's didn't really count, and I couldn't help myself. Discovered on the Toutie network of internet shopping, as seen on Beauty Addict's site, I have fallen for Style Violet's assortment of cute, affordable clothes! Whew, that sentence took a lot of breath.

Toutie offers deals on many unique internet stores, but what caught my eye about Style Violet was the phrase, "most under $100." By now you must know that I'm a sucker for a bargain. Here are a few of the cute things I found on the Style Violet site that I love, want and need-- and can actually afford to buy!

(Unfortunately, my internet is being squeamish about uploading pictures, so I'll post links for now and try to remedy it by morning.)
[EDIT: I figured out how to fix the problem but I'm going to leave the links up. =) ]

These Easy Linen Pants by Free People initially caught my eye. They look so comfortable! I love the straight legs, how they fall over the model's feet, and the faux belt's colorful detailing. One glance in the 'more pictures' section showed the back and made me wonder about sheerness and VPL's, but that's one thing you can only ever tell in person. $92.00

This is a cute "nature" kimono top by Tulle. I love the tie in back. Normally, I have an issue with tunic-length tops with empire cut because it makes everyone look pregnant (God knows I don't need that), but the site says that it has an invisible zipper to help it hold its shape. Again, something you'd have to try in person. $52.00

Last but not least of my favorite items on the site, this Garden Fairy Tee from O&G. As a matter of fact, I couldn't resist the playful mango color (one of the most flattering on me, it so happens) nor could I the wonderfully unique, fun detailing on the back, so I have already purchased it and it's on its way to me as I type! $28.00

Best of all, Toutie offers an additional 15% off everything on the site with the code "toutie," and Free Shipping! on your first order at Style Violet.

As if those savings weren't already enough, there's a chance to win a $200 Shopping Spree on their site. Someday I'll win one of these things (grr, Bluefly, you tease). Someday.

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