Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Canterbury

Com-edy, to-night!

Yeah, I think I need to blow $248 on this Anna Sui "Pear Tree" dress (as seen on Blogdorf Goodman). Because in "The Merchant's Tale" when... oh, you go read it. Anywho, the jokes, the jokes, the glow that comes from giggling softly to yourself all day long for reasons way too geeky to say, remembering the look on your professor's face when you raised your hand and asked in all sincerity (well, mostly sincere), "But how is it done?" -- that's worth every penny.

(I can't explain why, but I would wear it with these shoes. (As if I could ever afford Blahniks.) Though pulling out that faint pear yellow would be way more chic. Just to further complicate things. Because I'm complex like that. And also, these might be my favorite shoes ever, and I'll covet them always. Or, you know, until someone makes the cheapie knockoff versions. Or until I'm wearing them with that dress and I snicker myself topsy-turvy right onto my ass. Or maybe then I'd love them more. Com-edy, to-night!)


Cara said...

WHAT have I told you about pear trees? You could break something.
Honestly though, if you can, get the dress. It's great.
And the shoes, eventhough they freak me out, are awesome.

The Style Bard said...

At least the pear tree won't throw me into a fence, cowgirl.

Cara said...

It -might-. They are the Canter-bury tales. I know, I'm sorry. I had to.