Friday, June 30, 2006

Are you there, Kristen?

Bell. Listen, woman. It's really quite difficult to defend your style (see comments, here) when you go and get yourself fugged every other month. Please, for me, for all of your straggling, loyal advocates who will give you a few more chances, who continue to insist that you've got a style all your own deep, deep down- and it's good! - check the mirror twice. Or fire your stylist. Or get one.

Consider yourself warned.

Meanwhile, an update on the post mentioned above (thanks, Designer Ella). It seems the petites have been heard!


Anonymous said...

OK. Actually? That dress is adorable. That's my highly accurate opinion.

The Style Bard said...

That dress has the potential to be adorable.

Maybe with an empire seam. Or any shape to it, at all. Or on someone in their third trimester. Or on someone really really tall with legs that go on forever (possibly Barbie). Or in a different color. Or with a pattern on it that my grandmother wouldn't wear in Palm Springs to bingo night. Oooh! Ooh! Or as a chair cover!

Actually, wait. The dress isn't adorable at all. And Kristen deserves better! She's tiny and cute and talented and needs to draw loads of (positive) attention so that people don't cancel Veronica Mars when it's so awesome and actually smart. (And Logan-ful!)

Unless she's secretly doing a Kathy Griffin-esque "I don't need your love, but wait, I'm secretly loving the negative publicity about how poorly I dress because any attention is better than none and I think I'm being discreet and whatnot, but hey, there's my name in print!"

Yeah... Kristen, I underestimated you. You've out-wiled me again. I now realize that your secret goal with this so-called "dress" is to have your name associated with Kathy Griffin. Bravo.

Fashion Kitty said...

I am so scared of the "dress"