Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Product Review ~Shine Happy~

Clairol's Shine Happy, as recommended by beauty blogger, beautyaddict.

I read on one beauty website that this was an amazing shining product, and the idea hovered in the back of my mind for a few days, so I finally gave in and ordered it from Clairol's site. This was after looking for it everywhere around my city. I did not know that it hadn't been released to stores yet, but quickly determined that on my own. (After checking about 4 CVS's. I can't tell if I'm more stubborn or dim.) In this process I also looked at other shiners (I'm terribly suggestible sometimes (yeees... 'sometimes'...) and was suddenly predatorial about having perfect, glossy hair) in their various forms but nothing sold me quite as well as this product's initial review- "like models in shampoo commercials"- what? really?! This 10 minute rinse treatment is what they've had on me this whole time? There's nothing more I hate than buying products and then hating them, especially when they can't be returned (hello, Burt's Bees beeswax hand creme) - also because I'm cheap enough to keep using them anyway in a fool's attempt to justify my expenditure, and then being continuously reminded of my shopping failure until the huge endless bottles run out- they will someday, right? has the line moved down yet? I'm looking at you, BedHead Manipulator Shampoo and Conditioner! Basically a good, thorough review from a trusted source is usually a selling point for me. Also it's called Shine Happy. Shine. Happy....!
During the process of purchasing this item online, it never said anything about shipping. I know this for sure because I had loftily imagined spending my recent trip to London wowing the British menfolk with both my American accent and impossibly shiny hair! and had planned to have the shipping expedited since, at the time, I would have been traveling a few days after I ordered this product. When I'd filled in my credit card information and my order was suddenly through (wait, where was the summary page for my order? where were my shipping options!), the site finally revealed a sneaky and disappointing 4-6 week period for shipping! I guess that's what you get for accepting free shipping through the Clairol website, but personally I would have paid S&H for the normal 3-7 day mailing period.
It only took about 2 weeks to receive (it came 4 days after I was back from London... wanker), and I was very excited to try it. I did everything exactly as the box instructed. My friend used some of what was left in the bottle after my hair was liberally covered with the treatment (it provides a large amount that can't be re-used, like most dyes and treatments). The next day there was no noticeable shine.
What the product seems to instead do is make the hair follicles lie flat (which would reflect light and cause more shine, in theory) and it makes your hair much smoother, more controlled in shape. The product uses liberal hydrogen peroxide in this process, which I believe is why the treatment conditioner is included in the box. But for all of that... dundundun... my hair wasn't actually shinier as far as I could tell. I'm glad in retrospect that my friend used the treatment as well because although we are both brunette, we have different hair types, and because she couldn't see a difference in her hair either, I can skip the period of remorse and moping about, wondering what I'd done wrong.
To confirm that my expectations weren't simply too high, no one I talked to the following day noticed that my hair was any different (picture: 'Hey Amber! I need to ask you something... does my hair seem shinier to you? No...yes, I'm serious!' -- 'Hey...hey Mark... good to see you again- would you look at my hair real fast and tell me if it seems shinier? Yes, seriously!'). You'd be amazed at how little shiny hair can be of import to some people... maybe a meeting wasn't the best place to bring it up? 'Does anyone have any further matters to bring to the table?' Maybe I need a 'Time and Place' chart to sit next to the 'Sense of Dignity' card I carry in my wallet...
Overall I decided that, because it was relatively cheap ($7.99, free shipping), I'd be willing to use Shine Happy again if I wanted to re-create the smooth, sleek look which my curly hair retained for several days (think: second-day hair, but without the oil or dirtyness), and maybe next time I'd try putting every last drop into my own hair (sorry, C.) to see if that would make any difference. It's been about a week, and I would swear that I can still see the effects of the sleekness in the way my curls fall and catch light, but I doubt that anyone else would notice the subtle difference. I wonder if this product would be a disadvantage to anyone with hair that is naturally more flat than mine tends to be.
My rating: 4 for shine, 7 for smoothness.


Tiffany said...

I've used this stuff as well, and I'm not totally impressed with it either. I found that it made my hair a tad bit shinier, (but not by much) and with it being so shiny on my roots that it made my hair look greasy, even though I had just washed it.

So yeah, not overly impressed either.

Anonymous said...

I am about to use shine happy tonight. I washed my hair yesterday night, just washed-no conditioner or products (your natural oils actually help protect) anyways, i guess i will see how well this works in my hair.

Anonymous said...

sorry it didn't go so well for everyone else but I loved this stuff! I can still see a difference a month later and friends keep asking if I colored my hair (I didn't). Maybe it's just a hair type thing, my hair is a bit wavy and I don't color or perm or any of that stuff. The result wasn't anything extreem but definatly noticeable. I have tried other shine products that just left my hair gunky and wierd. I'm buying more online b/c it's sold out everywhere in santa barbara.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize it had hydrogen peroxide in it and left it in too long ... turned my long black hair a lovely shade I like to call "Sun-In Orange".

Never EVER again doing anything to my hair at home besides washing and conditioning it.

Anonymous said...

I had never colored or treated my hair before. It's light brown and thick and healthy. I used Shine Happy 2 weeks ago just out of curiosity and it did not really make my hair shine, but it made it look even healthier. People at work asked if I had colored it because it DID make my hair a little lighter. I think the conditioner is awesome and wish Clairol would sell it all by itself. It's the best conditioner I've ever used.

The Style Bard said...

I agree that it definitely had some healthly benefits for my hair, but there are plenty of high-end conditioners, serums, and sprays which will do that without the whole non-shiny process.

Anonymous said...

I used this product and for the 1st few days it was good. gave my hair a little more shine, but I think it may have actually dried my hair out. I'm not so sure becasue I already have colored and highlighted hair so, not 100% sure which product is drying my hair out, but I'm pretty sure Happy Shine has completely done my hair IN! I have another box which I will try one more time in a few months after I do a hearty conditioning and get my hair back in shape a little.

Anonymous said...

it also turned my dark blond hair sun-in orange-UGH. i've spent 2 years growing out all the highlights and now this?? does anyone know if this will fade, or is it permanent b/c of the peroxide? (which i didn't know it contained! grr).

Anonymous said...

I hope this helps people. I tried the Clairol Shine Happy and It didn't do "Shinola" for my hair. I guess I was just expecting Crazy, mega watt, intense shine. Yea well, it definately did not do that. I actually barely noticed anything at all. Might of made it smoother but not shinier. If they called it "SMOOTH HAPPY" then fine. I think its false advertising because the product DOES NOT WORK, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!

lisa said...

I have very curly, long rather dry and at time wirey hair. I have battled with dullness and dryness all my life. I used shine happy and can honestly say that even a month later, my boyfriend has been playing with my hair more than ever and asking me why it feels so soft. I love this stuff. My hair lays flatter than it ever has....feels sleek...and seems healthier than ever before. I am just wondering how long I should wait until I can re-color my hair. Will this shine coating prevent my hair from absorbing hair color?

The Style Bard said...


No, I don't think it will make it hard to re-absorb color, but check with your stylist to be sure. I think that the treatment merely makes the follicles of your hair lie flat so that it appears smoother and shinier, but it shouldn't close off absorption.

However, the color treatment will, unfortunately, trump the Shine Happy and make your hair dry and damaged again. Is it really worth it?


Anonymous said...

I can see I'm not the only one who was very disappointed in this product. In fact, it only caused the highlights in my hair to take on a brassy/orange tone, even though the instructions say it's safe to use 3-4 weeks after coloring. So I'm not too happy with Clairol right now. My hair looked shinier after shampooing with Dove Shine Therapy.

Anonymous said...

i bought this stuff too and i am VERY upset. I bought this in a clearance isle and the price is said was 1.50, but i was charged 7.50, which was it's original price!!! Hate dollar general!

Other than that, the reviews for this product are extremely negative:


Anonymous said...

Just purchased the product and about to try it today. Reading the reviews sucks,I wish I read them before I purchased it. Oh well still going to try it.

Anonymous said...

I just got done using this stuff like 10 minutes ago. It turned my semi-dark brown hair an orange rusty color. Then i went to see if this had happened to other people and saw this forum. I wish i would have seen it earlier. Don't use this crap. It doesn't shine, it changes your color. It better fade and fast. :(

Jackee: said...

After reading horrible reviews regarding this product, I decided to go ahead and try it.

My hair: Completely color treated, golden blonde with some brassiness due to my natural red color. Upon using this product I had 1/4 inch of natural growth that is medium brown/red with some natural blonde highlights. My hair is long. It's been two months since I have dyed my roots.

Results: NO CHANGE in hair color on my color treated hair or my roots. This product did not lighten my hair. My hair did feel softer, there was no damage, and it did reduce total frizz. It did fill in my dull ends that needed a trim, and made them fuller and softer.

Shine: If you are looking for commercial grade shine, this isn't the product that will produce mega watt shine. Spots that had the most shine were areas of my head that were closer to my scalp where natural oil occurs such as: the underneath layer, front bang pieces, and my natural roots.

Conditioner: The conditioner is wonderful, and will make your hair soft.

My guess is those that have natural hair color that is not color treated will benefit most from this product.

Would I use this product again? Yes, but not for a while since it DOES contain peroxide and can damage hair.

Anonymous said...

i used shine happy and well I must admit that I was looking for something to lighten subtly my hair, without damages. it didn't...
but it s ok.
finally my hair looked healthier, and softer.
and it is great
because when your hair looks healthier, it looks shiny.
and oh yes the coditionner is GREAT. I love it. So if I could just buy the coditionner they use, without the rest it would be better.
All in all?
I will certainly buy it again, after summer. It could help emphasise the sun kissed effect. and repair the damages.

Anonymous said...

I just finished Blow Drying my hair after using Shine Happy. I am not that Happy. It lighten my hair. I did know about the warning but there is a difference between, May light dark hair and looking like your hair has just been Frosted.

I will not use the product again.

I think I will try, Color Boosting Glaze, also by Clairol. (after a month or two)
It is suppose to have a color booster, plus mega shine. Maybe that will keep my hair a rich brown but give it the shine I am looking for.
Wishes everyone Shiny Hair,

Anonymous said...

Little thing they don't tell you; if you have semi permanent dye in your hair, like Manic Panic, this product completely neutralizes the colour. I have bleached chinks that I dye whatever colour strikes my fancy. Freshly dyed bright red, this product completely stripped every ounce of red. Didn't wash it out; but totally negated it, sending my new red straight back to blonde.

Oh, and the shine? Non-existent, although it was smoother and less flyaway, I think I'd credit the conditioner for that.

Complete waste of money, more if you add the cost of the Manic Panic I had to redo!!