Friday, April 21, 2006

My Secret ~Disguise~

When I am debilitatingly tired (ie, haven't-slept-a-wink-last-night) - more often than I'd like - I know the usual tricks to hide it: concealer under the eyes, big sunglasses, special hair tricks. But I also have many discreet "tells" which, if you pay attention and see me on a regular basis, signify the state of my mind. (Or more accurately, mindlessness.)

For me, these clues are not about warning people away- I prefer for people to think I am a fully functioning individual at all times. Granted, a lot of the time this is a bluff, but on sleepless days, it is imperative- boy, can you be taken advantage of if someone knows you're not as sharp as usual! (I'm looking at you, Dunkin' Donuts kiosk- I ordered and paid for a large coffee! Not a medium!) What it's really about for me is making up for the frazzled, fragile state of being by feeling a little extra confident.

Well, mostly confidence. One tell for me that's purely giveaway is my glasses. I have a pair for when my eyes "feel tired" - this problem began during finals week as an overworked English major. Someone should tell those professors that all their work was, literally, bad for my health! When I haven't slept, my eyes are susceptible to feeling as tired as the rest of me. (No one ever notices that I'm suddenly wearing glasses. It's odd.) I got these sleek Guess frames, in black.
If I'm wearing them, it's a "tell."

One quick trick for confidence is nice nails. I take good care of my nails generally, especially with the help my Smith's Rosebud Salve. (After using it on my lips, I use what's left on my finger all around my cuticles, and I've noticed a huge difference.) But for a real shine and healthy look that takes only a moment to swipe on, I use OPI Nail Envy. This strengthens my nails, makes them look great, and comes in Original, Matte, Thin and Brittle and Sensitive and Peeling. It's a quick, subtle pick-me-up that's brainless in the morning.

Another "tell" is comfortable shoes. In the winter, it's flat boots instead of heeled boots. But in the spring/summer you'll see me in some form of flip-flops all the time anyway. I'm an Old Navy flip-flop fan, I admit. Sure, you can get $15.00, $30.00 sporty or sequined flip-flops, and I'm sure they're sturdy and lovely. But I just bought 2 pairs of black and brown flip-flops for $5 at Old Navy! And they have every color under the sun.

And I think this is a new addition, but they also have metallics! (I will be going to get the bronze and the silver.) And if the price isn't good enough, they're dependable, long-lasting shoes. The last pair I bought lasted two years. Two years! In fact, I only bought more in anticipation of them breaking- because as of now, they're still fully functional, if not wore a little thin.

The metallics are a buck more a pair at $3.50 and come in a wedge for $9.50.

On an old Tyra Banks show, she confessed that when she's caught off guard and needs an easy sprucing up, she has two major tricks: lipstick and flashy earrings. I agree to those! Yes, yes, they are both in my bag of tricks, too! They distract from the bags under the eyes, the loopy gaze, bloodshot eyes. I would add one more from a personal standpoint- bright eyeshadow. This is because of the glasses I wear which I feel will suddenly draw more attention to my eyes (and since I am wearing those I usually forego the big sunglass tactic).

I also dress up. If I'm dressed chic or dressed "up" for no particular reason, if I'm wearing glimmer instead of plain makeup, if there are more rings than usual, a new purse, or a broach on my shirt- I'm not meeting someone hottie for cocktails at the end of the day, no, I'm probably napping.

So those are a few elements of my disguise.

If you prefer to be dead-obvious, here are a few cute ways to go about it (although I highly recommend not leaving the house!):

What are yours?

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