Thursday, April 27, 2006

Outfit Search 3

This "Outfit Search" is an interactive one: I need your help!

It is that time of year, my friends. My baby sister is going to Prom!
I need some help getting her ready before May 12th. She needs makeup ideas, hair ideas, shoes, a purse! I can do many of these (in fact, I believe we've already snubbed The Eldest Sister and selected a hairstyle). But (dare I admit?) I need help on the shoes! Follow my winding story of her quest for a dress or just skip to the bottom, but please take a glimpse and share any of your anticipated ingenious ideas. I appreciate all and any help (as does she).

So without consulting me, (but she did consult a very fashionable friend of whom I approve), The Little Sister went out dress shopping. These dresses from Caché were the final three contenders (worn by The Little Sister in Caché's dressing room):




And may I just add that I adore and need this for myself:


At last The Little Sister chose the most original, the one Caché carried the fewest of (lest someone else have the same dress!), and the middle-cost dress. Here is the close-up:

Close-up of the fabric:

So back to the shoes.
The Little Sister can afford to spend some money on them, wants them to be as fabulous as the dress without out-shining it, and her only qualification is that she wants to be able to wear them all night without her feet dying. Not too much to ask, eh? Chip off the ol' block.

Feel free to leave a comment or just email me at with shoes ideas (and hell, if you have makeup/hair/purse/jewelry ideas send 'em along, too!).
Thanks in advance!


Rebecca said...

Hey, I'll have to get back to you about shoes, but I'm not always that reliable ...

I just had to stop and say: that dress is stunning! No matter what she puts with it, she will undoubtably be the "best-dressed at the ball".

The Style Bard said...

Thank you either way!