Saturday, July 08, 2006

Carnivale Results

Naturally, my Carnivale week falls just before the 4th. And naturally, I decide to head out of town spontaneously to MV. So of course I'm late posting results my first time hosting. Oh, well. But here they are at long last anyway!

I asked: In what clothing and accessories would you like to be buried?

Most people, like Shoelover and Maria at The Runway Scoop, unsurprisingly followed suit with simplicity and grace, with white sheaths or plain gowns; uncomplicated.

However, Designer Ella of Kiss Me, Stace said (and I loved this): "I want what I can’t wear alive. I want painful, painful, painful and fabulous shoes!" She features a pair of Blahniks (loverly) that must be seen.

Many people, Clothesaholic included, took the opportunity to delve into different aspects of the post-death preparation, which was fascinating to read and great of them to share (everyone has such different views on the process and its formalities). She writes, interestingly, "If the funeral happened in winter (which would be better lest thousands of acres of bone-dry Nevada brush go up in flames with me) I could be wrapped in my beloved vintage fur coat for an extra Nordic touch." No one else (not even the Bard, tsk) considered the season (the Bard being exempt, of course, because she's in Florida and we lack for seasons here).

Scarpediem at Shoesense tickled me with this: "Ah! Frozen in a glass casket? Now we're talking! In that case...I must, MUST wear a dress, since I so rarely wear one in real life. [...] So, it's formal, you say, but am I not in the most formal of situations? Really, people. I believe we must preserve decorum even when we've gone to meet our maker. Maybe especially then."

It's important to put your two cents in with your loved ones. And to ask them, as well, I'm sure. As Linmayu, Fashion Outlaw, states (and gave me a jolt and made me laugh), "I should probably make the dress myself ahead of time and keep it stored for the day when I'm going to need it. It would kinda suck if I were to die right now and had to be buried in *anything* that I currently have in my closet."

I had a ton of fun with this topic, and I can't wait for the next round.
Thanks to everyone for participating and for your kind encouragement!

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