Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fashion - TV and Film

Okay, let's just knock this out, shall we?

Project Runway

I'm watching, loving, and probably going to have to write about this, like everyone else.

- I <3 Malan. (Yes, I heart him, so back off haters!)
- I loved Keith's dress, and believe he rightly won.
- Heidi's hair looked fantastic up there on the rooftop.
- As always, I lovelovelove The Gunn.
- But... "another Santino" boy? Nooo! You don't need crazy ratings-boosting drama. Let's cut him next week, mk?

And in case you've been trapped in an attic, cave, or box, whathaveyou, and therefore haven't gone here yet, stop making out with your brother or cousin (I'm looking at you, every VC Andrews character ever) and go to Blogging Project Runway.

The Devil Wears Prada

Yes, I watched this again tonight. The Bard clan got together and did a little fashion overloading as a family (aw). The second viewing allowed me to tune out the dubious plot and just enjoy the couture!

- Emily finally grew on me this time and I loved her.
- Still haaaated Miranda's rants! They are both unjustified and unlikely. This time, knowing what she was going to say already, it stood out even more that they warp her character.
- Christian Thompson is simply not cute enough in the movie. In the book, I feel as though Andrea is more understandably torn between the men in her life. I want to be empathetic to her dueling desires as she grows, matures and discovers new wants and needs. But it just isn't happening when all I can think is, "Noooo! Look at his hair - can you not see his hair?! And he looks FORTY!"
- And what about Miranda's friends and family? Is it just me, or are they horribly underdeveloped to the point of seeming like an after-thought? Maybe there was more direction with them in some versions of the moviescript... but maybe not.
- We all agreed that while Andrea dresses fabulously, sometimes the repetitive black and high-end ensembles really age her in an unflattering way. I wished she would wear some colors and be flirty and youthful!
- My favorite part was when Nigel summarizes my love of fashion in a way that I hadn't even grasped until seeing the movie, as "art that you (well not you, obviously) can live in." I love to think that this kind of beauty, romance, couture might be createable and obtainable. That worlds we can imagine, dream of, and crave can be manifested.

Family conversation, post-movie:

Bardling 1: "So... [the Style Bard] wants to be Miranda?"

Bardling 2: "No. She just wants the free couture."

Bardling 1: "Sooo... she wants to be Andrea?"

Bardling 2: "Nah, she just wants the free clothes."

Bardling 1: "So she wants to be Emily?"

Bardling 2: "No! shejustwantstheclothes!"

Frankly, I want all of it.

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