Saturday, December 09, 2006

Love. Want. Need. ~Gabriela~

I'll admit- I'm the kind of girl who, if you're my friend and wear my shoe size, might have to try on those adorable new shoes you just bought. And naturally, as I'm slipping my feet into your cute soles, I will artfully suggest that I might borrow them from time to time.

This exact instance is what led me to discover how unbelievably comfortable Bandolino's "Gabriela" leather pumps are. These shoes are great for work, but also stylish enough to be dressed up for evening. My friend had worn them previously and couldn't stop bragging about how great her feet felt, while ours were all smarting by the end of our evening out. And now I know she wasn't exaggerating at all.

This is a great product from a quality brand that I've always loved. The shoes are available on Zappos for an affordable $46.95 and come in Black or Medium Brown. Natural materials will keep these shoes holding together for a long time - a great investment, an amazing shoe.

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