Friday, July 13, 2007

Project Runway is Inspirational

Smash hit television reality show Project Runway (which, by the way, needs to have another season already) has been covered on this site from time to time, and I cannot say with more enthusiasm what a fan I am of Blogging Project Runway and its moderators, who do a bang-up job of providing a friendly space for the fans.

Unfortunately, new generations of fashion designers aren't all the show seems to be inspiring. Check out a recent entry from AOL-affiliated fashion blog Style Dash: Clothing from Condoms. Does this picture look familiar to you:

Because it looks very familiar to Project Runway fans, if you've been around since Season One:

Balloons sure do look a lot like something else suddenly, don't they?

Now the candy-and-balloon bikini has lost some of its innocence (I didn't even know that was possible), and you want to look at all-American mother Wendy Pepper in a whole new light. If you didn't look at her cock-eyed already.

Now how about re-creating all of the Project Runway favorites out of prophylactics, hmmm? "Project Birth Control." I smell a new challenge, Heidi!

For more creative contraceptive style, check out Artifactual Creations recycled birth control pill jewelry!

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