Monday, January 14, 2008

Bard's Prom

While you're waiting for me to get my ass in gear and get this site going again, here's a comment I left on Project Stunway's latest Project Runway post...

"That's exactly what I keep saying. Homecoming is homecoming. Short, bright dresses to shake your booty. A clamorous mess I avoided in HS. I went to prom for the more elegant updo long-dress feel of an adult night with champagne flutes, you know? We had a very modern prom, no gigantic dresses or tulle, but some girls went "trendy" and had short colorful things on that garnered NO attention from anyone... because you can basically get away with wearing those to a dinner out. Red carpet for teenagers is what it is to starlets: wear something outrageous and go big. Not something you can wear tomorrow for cocktails. (Or ever again, if I remember prom correctly.) But, if you go to Nina's blog I think she even says she never WENT to prom? How about having a woman on panel who went to prom recently tell us what's modern for a 17 yr old, mmk?"

And to make a point (dare I?) here's the Bard's prom dress, circa '03 (see? I'm not irrelevant):

And before y'all get all concerned for me, I'll have you know that a safety pin at the nape of the halter solved that bunching problem, but alas did not come in time for photos. The only photos I have in non-bunch-land are the ones taken at the actual prom, which are not digital, alas. By the way, my favorite pictures of the night were taken with my actual "date" (which this young man is not... in fact, she was a girl). See how modern and relevant I am, Nina? Haha... my best friend was a grade below me, so the only way she could come was as my date! I'm sure I had more fun with her than I would have with some guy I went out with just for the occasion like my whole limo did...

If you've got a prom story/photo, link me to it! PS: I think Chris COMPLETELY should have won, and Ricky should have been out. I can't remember the time the judges missed on both for me.

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