Sunday, August 17, 2008

Magazine Mystery

Hmmm, so about two years ago I bought 6- or 12-month subscriptions to Glamour, Vogue and ... something else. Jane? Allure? In some kind of package deal. And I got them for that length of time and then didn't continue them. I think I was swamped with reading for some reason, and that was just before I got my subscription to the New Yorker, which takes up "spare" reading time between books and blogs. But then last week or so I started getting my magazines from those places for the fall. Which, hey, I can't bemoan---yay, September fashion issues! I mean, holy moly, Vogue is like 786 pages or something! (Or 798, whoops it's right in the pic!) Anyway, it's a tome. (As a side note, days ago I also happened to find a current Cosmo at my friend's house and devoured it in a matter of minutes, but I haven't read one of those in ages and was delightfully tickled to find that it contained y'know, the exact same articles I read the last time I laid eyes on a Cosmo, such as 100 Sex Tips. Whoo-hoo! It was a nice guilty pleasure though. This seems to be the month for me to catch up on my magazines. A nice way to take a break from an otherwise too-heavy-serious-sad August so far.)

That is to say, no complaints. But I don't really know why I'm getting these 'zines once again. After a year interval of not receiving them. I'm positive I canceled the subscripts because I remember doing it by phone and it took forever. And a cursory glance at my credit cards doesn't show any fraudulent or unexplained charges. Although, I also distinctly remember that I used my checking account to originally order them, which also shows no indication of me being charged. So... yay, free magazines? Or does anyone else have an explanation for this? Again, not that I'm complaining... just want to make sure I can thank some twist of luck rather than get caught feeling dumb for an oversight.

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