Saturday, August 23, 2008

Project Runway, Season 5 Episode 6

One of these seasons (perhaps to commemorate the changeover to Lifetime) I'm going to return to recapping episodes. However, I am still an avid fan and paying close attention, thanks largely to the aid of Blogging Project Runway.

I love this review from MTV's newsroom. Scroll down to the "Memory" bullet. I TOTALLY wondered how they remembered their drag queen's names! And I always wonder how they remember the models in the beginning. I used to say they always stuck with their own because they didn't know anyone else's names... hahaha clearly, they are prompted somehow.

Now where do I get producers to help me out with that in life? Cause I friggin' suck at names, and it causes a lotta social anxiety for me.

(Quick, what's this drag queen's name?!)

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