Monday, September 01, 2008

~Love. Want. Need.~ Red Agate Cocktail Ring

Every year when I was young, I flew to NY in September to visit my awesome grandmother, and the trip would include raiding end-of-summer sales for insane deals on clothes that I would wear back to school. See, I lived in Florida, so while New York was trying to vacate itself of anything resembling a short or sandal, I was scooping them up by the cartload, since I would be able to keep wearing them year-round. Sometimes I brought an extra suitcase for this purpose.

So you'd think that I would have learned by now that when I'm in FL I need to pay special attention to Labor Day Sales. The sales in-store in FL are not nearly as good as those online, since the wardrobe changeover is not as drastic. Sometimes I forget to look, since, duh, the changing of seasons just doesn't catch my attention until it's too late.

On the other hand, years when I remember to browse the sales, like this year, I usually manage to forget the purpose. After spending an hour shopping the Shopbop end-of-summer section, which is 30%-70% off and one of my fave shopping sites, this is what I end up wanting the most: a cocktail ring.

This Juicy Couture Red Agate ring is not simply fabulous, and a cocktail ring which I so need to complete my collection right now, but it also happens to match my gold/red necklace which has similar braiding detail and a vintage-y look to it. I was drawn to this immediately, and it's 50% off!

But, of course a ring is not what I was supposed to be doing shopping summer sales! I still need a denim skirt... and some new shirts... and hey, I can always use new sandals on the cheap! But now I just really want this one ring...

Shopping failure, Style Bard.

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