Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Night Plights

[7:22 P.M.]: i finally finished one hundred years of solitude.

[7:26 P.M.]: I have it, I need to start

[7:26 P.M.]: you should
[7:26 P.M.]: fairly incredible.
[7:26 P.M.]: and dense as hell

[7:29 P.M.]: I guess... reading... is one thing to do on a Friday night

[7:30 P.M.]: sigh

[7:31 P.M.]: I'm hesitant to shower and get dressed without concrete plans because dressed up with nowhere to go is a horrrrrible feeling

[7:31 P.M.]: i agree.

[7:32 P.M.]: you end up in like false eyelashes and 4" heels at a Pizza Hut picking up Extra Cheese to go and wondering if that almost-finished bottle of red wine from last week is still good. It's saaaad.

[7:32 P.M.]: false eyelashes?

[7:32 P.M.]: for example.

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