Monday, December 15, 2008

LOL Invisibelt

I had to share this with you guys because an announcement for it arrived in my inbox and made me completely giggle and roll my eyes.

It's the Invisibelt, a genius invention which allows you to pass through security at the airport without taking off your belt, and it lays flat beneath clothing so you can wear a long shirt over jeans.

It's just really funny, because I honestly never felt the need for this. I don't find it a hassle to remove my belt at the airport (I'm actually very good at the strip-down/re-dress, even with a cat and laptop in tote) or I remember not to wear one. And if you're not as travel weary as I, there must be other plastic or fabric belts out there for you without metal buckles! In fact, I'm almost positive I have two fabric belts with plastic or nonmetal closures.

As for flat clasps I say -- why not buy jeans that fit? A lot of name-brand jeans are made to fit curvy women these days, and reduce the gap at the waist. Sometimes it takes a little searching, but all you have to do is find the right brand, size and style once and buy them over and over (or be smart and buy two at once). The Style Bard is also an advocate of pricey jeans. They're on my list of things worth splurging for, since they last forever and you really can feel a fit difference in the cuts and styles, in comparison to cheaper jeans.

And if you're wearing a long top does it matter if you're bending over and your pants peek slightly?

Barring all that, if you or someone you know does need a flat, discreet, everyday belt or a travel belt, then this is the product for you. And it is a very reasonable $19.95 for clear or black.

But truly -- what will they think of next?

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