Monday, July 06, 2009

LOL Spam

Here's the latest Top 20 Titles from Style Bard's Spambox.

If you squint, they kind of tell a story!

1. Hi
2. Do I know you?
3. Where will you go tonight?
4. Get ready to improve your night life.
5. I'm going to show you this, but keep it secret!
6. He wants an audience
7. And he, who is so kind and keen
8. Nail her like a youngster.
9. Wanna try?
10. Help needed
11. Join us at 8
12. we will make you happy;
13. For everybody in here
14. Where is those place?
15. Photos of the place
16. You're officially "in" now!
17. Check our new members
18. Call me back please.
19. You're a moron.
20. Aloha

I think it's the story of a poor, naive couple who goes to Hawaii on their honeymoon and are lured into joining a smutty sex scandal. But maybe that's just me.

Feel free to send me some of your better titles and I'll post them next time!

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