Sunday, February 14, 2010

Christopher Drummond for Valentine's Day

Although I'm a single gal with no particular plans for today (my biggest agenda for the day is to locate and consume some kind of holiday-themed cookie with icing), I did go out to dinner last night with my parents and my sister for Valentine's Day.

We went out to our favorite restaurant in South Florida, La Creperie. Although it wasn't a date night per se, while getting ready I felt particular motivated by the occasion to dress my best, and when my getting-ready regimen reached the make-up phase, I knew automatically that there were two components to my process that were essential to looking and feeling my best. They're both products I've loved for awhile now, both items I haven't written about before and both by Christopher Drummond. I thought that warrants a special little write-up!

The first item is "Revitalizing Facial Serum," which I like to apply under my eyes and on the inside corner of my eyes to bring light to my face and counter dark circles. This radiance serum contains anti-wrinkle ingredients as well as natural ingredients like aloe, sugar cane and even carrot! It has a very faint, appealing scent and it's easy to apply with your fingertips. I love that it's wallet-friendly, because just a tiny little dab goes a long way. It also doubles as a moisturizer, so I can skip doubling up on that in area where I apply the Revitalizing Facial Serum. While I'm also a huge abuser of highlighting make-up, I like to use this in particular when I'm going for a more fresh and natural look.

The second item is "Lucious," a bold and deep-colored lip gloss with long staying power that packs a wallop both in person and on camera. It's one of those signature make-up items that makes you want to tone down your eyeliner and bronzer because it's really going to steal the show. I love how it feels going on and how long it lasts. But most of all, I adore the light, pleasing citrus scent. It's caused by actual blood orange extract that's used in the formula. This is the one I grab just before someone snaps a photo, the one I put on in the car just before I enter an event. But the best thing about wearing this for a special occasion or date night is that it emphasizes the wearer's lips and makes her feel confident--which equals utmost kissability!

The best thing about Christopher Drummond products, aside from their obvious aesthetics, is their quality of production. All items are organic and all-natural; they never use animal testing and they're always chemical-free. They're also chock full of such vitamins and nutrients as Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, in addition to coconut oil, castor oil and soybean oil for additional benefits. So they not only look and feel great, but they're actually good for your skin. I'm certainly not one to always concern myself with such things, but caution with the delicate skin of my face leads me to wear sunscreen every day, spend extra money on quality foundations and wash my face every single night before bed. So I can say that it does please me to know that I'm wearing additional make-up products that are good for me.

All in all, these two Christopher Drummond items are highly recommended for Valentine's Day or any special occasion by the Style Bard!

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