Friday, August 20, 2010

The Big C

As an addendum to the note I posted in my last entry, I also want to try shooting off quick blogs when they're at the top of my mind instead of waiting until I have the time to sit down and offer up polished articles. In the past, long and edited articles were always the goal. Now I'm not going to be afraid of short posts if they keep new content going up on Style Bard.

I was watching the premiere of The Big C on Showtime, and I couldn't help but notice a styling/costuming choice that was driving me bananas (and not in the positive Rachel Zoe way). Laura Linney's main character is wearing a tall collar with her hair down for the first portion of the show. Just looking at her, I felt suffocated. I wanted to pull her hair away from her face so badly! It was driving me nuts.

And then I realized that the character was being portrayed as "boring" and "not fun" and very uptight. By giving her a sort of choker and veil via her collar and hair, the character's personality is conveyed. Watching her, I felt trapped and oppressed. I think that despite my very strong reaction to the look it was ultimately successful. So good job, The Big C.

In other news, the pilot is a little stiff and rehearsed but the show is really endearing and well-written, so I think as soon as it settles on its own feet entirely it will be quite excellent. I highly recommend it.

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Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I will have to tune in! Thanks for chatting it up!