Sunday, January 23, 2011

And We're Back!

Well that took nearly a month longer than anticipated, whoops!

If you're checking this post out from a feed of some kind, do feel free to pop on by the blog directly because I'd love feedback from everyone on the new layout! Still simple, as I've always wanted my look to be, but definitely a lot more chic than the previous template.

So what does this rebirth mean? It's more than just a redesign, I'm adding a lifestyle focus to the fashion content and will be posting on a regular schedule starting this very week! So keep coming back to check it out.

And I'm sure you're all wondering what I've been up to in NYC, since that's certainly going to be a primary focus of Style Bard going forward. Well here are just a few things I've been doing so far in 2011:

♥ Seeing MTC's Time Stands Still
♥ And attending the following Young Patrons event!
♥ Peacefully protesting the arrests of Belarus Free Theater members
♥ Checking out the annual PROJECT show for men's daywear trends
♥ Drinking at recently opened W New York - Downtown's Living Room lounge
♥ Dining at Tapeo 29
♥ Brunching at The Sunburnt Calf
♥ Reading Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go
♥ Watching One Too Many Mornings
♥ And shopping? Oh, let's just say there's been a lot of that, too.

More to come on these things and many more, but as you can probably tell, I've been a very busy girl! And that's just a small sampling, and that's just three weeks, whew. Feels like a long (and very fun!) year is ahead for Style Bard.

In the meantime, please enjoy as much as I this insightful video about the world of Scott Schuman, Sartorialist:

And yes, for those wondering, we are getting right back on schedule with Style Bard Shoes as of today as well. HOW HAVE YOU BEEN SAVING MONEY ON SHOES WITHOUT ME? HOW. Don't worry, dearly appreciated readers. SBS is back. New look and all.

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