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Alzerina Jewelry: Interview

At Couture Fashion Week, Alzerina Jewelry was on display; and since I'd previously met Alzerina in a social setting, I was grateful for the opportunity to see more of her line up close under the perfectly adequate auspices of the Waldorf Astoria. And she was gracious enough to pose for the above photo, despite the fact that my camera was being particularly fidgety in the hotel's lighting, for some reason!

After poring over each cuff and earring (they're spectacular in person but these photos will have to do them justice), I was quick to suggest an interview, since I definitely had a few questions about her professional progression. And now I'm happy to share with you the results of that interlude:

SB: First things first: How did you get started in jewelry-making? What attracted you to this industry?
A: Since I was little, I always had a love for accessorizing. Even at the age of 14 when I constructed a clothing line I incorporated jewelry with every outfit. To me, jewelry is the final touch of an outfit; last item someone puts on but without it the look would be incomplete. Put a necklace and a ring on with a pair of jeans and a simple tee and now you have a whole ensemble. Jewelry ties the outfit together.

My push into the glimmering world of the Jewelry Industry was the inspiration I acquired from Daniel Swarovski’s crystals. From that moment on I could not get jewelry out of my mind. I even dreamed about new designs I wished to create. I went with my gut and changed my main career focus to jewelry design. It was not however, until I moved to New York, 10 years ago, I started my own line. And it was the best decision I could have made. Designing jewelry gives me a happiness that I cannot really put into words. When I finish a new creation, I feel as if I am floating on air.

SB: What makes your pieces stand apart?
A: An attribute our clients notice and appreciate is the uniqueness of our pieces. I use my own inspirations for designs; I do not follow the current trend. I invent new collections depending on what mood I am in or from a flower I saw in Central Park, even from women walking on the streets. Life inspires me. The individuality attracts people to the jewelry, plus who can resist a shimmering crystal!

SB: What's your favorite piece? The most popular?
A: My favorite collection in 2011 is the Couture collection. Every piece is intricately constructed giving the pieces a sophisticated sex appeal. Vintage Laces encapsulates this concept the most. The chocker [Shown above - SB] is a crowd stopping; you will not go unnoticed while wearing this necklace. I think one reason for this, going back to why my jewelry stands apart from others, is no one else is wearing anything like it. The marriage between originality and the craft is why it is my favorite piece.

Though our most popular collection is The City. To sum up this collection in one word would be: glam! A client commented she felt as if she was in old Hollywood getting ready for a red carpet event, while wearing pieces from The City. There has been so much positive feedback we extended the collection into spring colors. Many of the pieces can be worn multiple ways and that is an attractive element for the consumer. Skyline, one of the necklaces, can be worn three different ways with the bow in the back, front, or side. Each way provides a whole new feeling to an outfit!

SB: You recently displayed your collection at Couture Fashion Week. Can you tell me more about that experience? Do you consider your line "couture"?
A: This was my first time participating in Couture Weekend and I am very happy I was a part of it. I met many interesting people who similarly to me using creativity as an outlet to portray who they are. It is refreshing to see independent designers who have wonderful imaginations but do not show at Lincoln Center or Bryan Park.

Not everything I construct can be labeled true couture but my line, Couture, exemplifies the qualities it takes to be considered couture. Each pieces is one of a kind, hand made and is very complex so it usually takes several days to complete.

SB: Here's a fun one: Many celebrities have been spotted in Alzerina jewelry. What has been your favorite celebrity encounter or experience? Who would you just love to see in Alzerina?
A: I cannot choose one celebrity that was my favorite to work with. I have a special relationship with every client of mine, celebrity and “non” celebrity. I want women who are confident and sexy to wear my jewelry, who can carry themselves along with the jewelry. Two actresses who portray that type of women are Scarlett Johansson or Halle Berry. It would be a top ten moment to see them in a few of my pieces.

SB: Is there anything else you'd like to share with Style Bard readers?
A: I want your readers to know that I create my jewelry for everybody; we are always changing our style. There [are] pieces in each collection for everyone. My goal as a designer is to create for comfort while making [the] client feel beautiful. If you would like to purchase any of our jewelry, we can set up an appointment for jewelry fitting, and we can also put together a trunk show for you and your friends!

SB: Also asked in person was which of her pieces was garnering the most attention during Couture Fashion Week, and Alzerina said that her vintage lace pieces were particularly popular:

Check out the Alzerina website for even more photographs and information about this haute and hardworking jewelry designer.

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