Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Shopping Spree

Okay, I went a little crazy this weekend and bought a ton of things! I spent nearly my month's rent in shopping. At least most of the things I bought were much-needed, practical or unbearably on sale.

In addition to travel, meals and groceries, here's some of the fun stuff:

1. Shelves.

Okay, I know you may not think that's very fun, but I got to reorganize and sort all of my shoes. I'm very excited about this development! I can now save minutes getting ready each and every day.

2. Dress.

Dig that 70s vibe! I'm not always the trendiest person, but I can't wait to throw on some platform wedges and go out in this lovely, flowy frock.

3. Blazer.

I pretty much loved this one on first sight, but what can I say? It's shiny. And I love blazers and jackets. The fit is basically like it's made for me; a woman can actually have some shape and show it off. Can't wait to wear it! Perhaps over...

4. Shirtdress.

Not this exact shirtdress! But a very similar one from Apart Style. To compare, it's this identical shirt but longer and navy.

5. I also got a gorgeous tri-tone bracelet but intend to return it, because it fits weird on the wrist (sigh). Also, there are no photos online of it and my phone decided to die when I went to take a picture, all of which are signs to start getting over it, I think.

6. At first I couldn't decide between the following B. Makowsky purses:

But I went with these (the red purse was another on-sale snag!):

I might return it because black just feels so boring! Especially black leather for summer. Your thoughts?

(P.S. Check out the two pairs of new shoes I got.)

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