Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Love. Want. Need. ~Serpenti~

At 2011's BASELWORLD convention (each spring in Switzerland), Bvlgari debuted a new range of luscious I-can-never-afford-these watches; but the star of the show, in Style Bard's humble opinion, is the "Serpenti" - behold:

But this watch isn't all hiss and no bite. Each coil is meticulously handcrafted to sit perfectly on the forearm, set in pink-gold with over 200 diamonds.

Bvlgari notes the importance of its symbolism as well:

"The reptile figure [is] the incarnation of eternal youth and immortality. [...] The snake archetype, a symbol of earth and water, knowledge and fertility, immortality and rebirth [...] runs through human history."

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