Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nautical & Nice

So I know 70s-style is supposed to be the big thing happening this spring, and it may be because I just saw "Anything Goes" this week, but I'm really feeling stripes instead of floral. I anticipate an unexpected deluge of nautical-themed outfits and accessories this spring, actually--so mark it, NYC. If it happens, Style Bard prophesied it here first.

Here are a few striped pieces I love:

ASOS Long Sleeved Simple Striped Top - $32.27
You can't argue with how effortless the model makes this look...well, look.

Shopbop Marc Jacobs 10th Anniversary Bow Wow Striped Dress - $328
Apparently this dress was reissued as a shopper favorite, and I can see why.

Gap Denim Micro Stripe Capri - $52.95
I tend to love a good, thick railroad stripe -- but these tiny micro-stripes are really speaking to me in a print-as-a-solid-neutral way.

Topshop Stripe Suntop - $50
I think this is just too cute for words; sadly $50 plus shipping for a breezy sleeveless top is probably not justifiable in my life right now.

Bergdorf Goodman Diane Von Furstenburg Maryelle Striped Bikini - $125
Of course this post couldn't be complete without the retro striped bikini.

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