Sunday, May 08, 2011

Product Review ~Sally Hansen Salon Effects~

Today I applied Sally Hansen's Salon Effects "Real Nail Polish Strips" in "Cry Baby" (a bright Barbie pink):

These strips are like a combination of wet nail polish and a very thin sticker. You just rub them on with a little wooden stick and they're supposed to stay in place until you take it off with nail polish remover. Here's what went down:

1) Take off old nail polish:

2) Get out your kit (retails for about $9):

3) Peel off the clear plastic and the white backing; apply correct size over nail:

4) Bend the ends over and file them off the top of your nails:

5) Ta-da!

All in all, I prefer regular nail polish because I think it takes about as much time to put on from start to finish as does layering paint on the nails and letting them dry (maybe I'll get faster if I do this again soon). These are a little more smooth and consistent per nail, but I felt like getting there required more effort and brainpower than the repetition of painting your nails. We'll have to see how this holds up in terms of chipping and staying on for the final analysis. I think for a solid color, it's not really worth it. However, for one of the crazy patterns they have, you get an awesome effect with comparatively little work. End result (complete with the mess you'll have left over on your desk):

If you're thrifty and careful, each kit really has enough for two "manicures." Enjoy, and be sure to let me know what you think!

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