Monday, April 24, 2006

Love. Want. Need. ~girlshop~

I was playing around on Girlshop today. Though I strayed to the links of my favorite designers, I was a good girl and primarily navigated the "Sale" portion of the site, as I am wont to do.

Here are the three top things I love, want, and need (on sale!):

This sexy, sophisticated Alhambra top (in blue-grey):

Sale Price: $198

I <3 this hoodie! I can see how this comfortable, stylish item could work it's way into my daily wardrobe. (You know, that thing you always throw on to look and feel good that never quite gets hanger time because it's always out of the closet? Yeah.) I like the one in black.

Sale Price: $107

This cardigan is a classic piece that will always belong in my ever-changing wardrobe. I could get a lot of miles out of it, and always look put-together, effortlessly. I've seen others like it, but I like the bell sleeves and the tie cord at the waist gives it some extra shape.

But what I love most is the price! $60 on sale from $298!

If I can't have them right now, at least someone out there can. Enjoy!

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