Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Carnivale de Couture ~Reply 4~

This week's Carnivale was hosted by Bargain Queen and it was a toughie:

"What is your best-ever bargain? Where did you find it, how much was it and why is it your favourite?"

The topic is simple in its nature, yes, but the real screw to the thing is that I can barely get out of bed without getting a bargain out of it (no seriously, if you ever need to get me up, the magic words are 'coffee' and 'eggs' and you'd better be buying). On any given day you can assume that 30% of that day's wardrobe is thrift and 90% of it was wicked on sale. Because it's in my blood (I blame you, mom).

So how do I pick one best-ever bargain? Sure, I can do it the easy way and figure out where I literally saved the most money, but that's boring and probably some tshirt I got for a quarter. And then I have the option of picking out the most shocking, sensationalist save, some name-brand rare find to make everyone jealous. But Plato's Closet and Second Time Around and the likes have blessed me with so, so many unspeakably amazing designer finds that I can barely pick one there, either. (Besides, that's like Sophie's Choice. I just couldn't do it.)

So instead of all of those things, I am going to pick the one that was most exciting to me to find, win, and wear, and that is my vintage suede rockstar red coat from Ebay! Cotton on the inside, real suede outside, fake fur collar, this coat is outrageous and perfectly "me". I had to really battle for this one, chasing the other potential buyers right down to the wire with bids and constantly upping my self-imposed "limit" of what I would spend on it. But at last, I won this beautiful baby, and I owe it to the fact that the tagline read "suade" (otherwise I'm sure more people would've been on to it). Here she is:

$50 with shipping. If that price, along with the feelings I get wearing it out, are not a bargain, I don't know what is!

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!mp said...

for someone who doesn't like the cold... that's a big coat...
smile for the camera, woman!