Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day part 2

Hey, I'm not supposed to get presents on Mother's Day! (Unless my darling Josh or Biff wanted to get me something, but hey, they're kitties.) But this morning, when I went to my grandma's for breakfast, she gave me a set of pearls.

Grandma has gotten pearls for each of her five female grandchildren. This is not just another reason why she's so awesome, it's also a very thoughtful and practical gesture. Grandma knows that every little girl, and every grown woman, no matter their taste, should own a good set of pearls- necklace, bracelet, earrings. It's such a lovely way of thinking, and an enduring gift that will never go out of style. I believe we should all own them- there will always be some occasion. And now I have mine.

And I guess they'll suffice as far as Mother's Day goes, since I doubt these schmucks will be buying me anything anytime soon:


Cara said...

You know, Biff was gonna get you diamonds, but after I read her the post she went, "The hell with othermommy," and gave them to me.
She then chased her tail for three hours.

!mp said...

i agree with your grandmother.
and i think your cats will need therapy because of you, so why should they buy you gifts?