Thursday, May 04, 2006

City Girl, Country Girl

So I'm in transition, moving.
I left the big city and am spending interim vacation time in upstate New York.

This place will bring interesting shopping/clothing tales for you, I'm sure. This is the land of wholesale, Walmarts as genuine clothing retail sources for the residents, and the upper echelons of fashion consisting of those who can afford/drive to Gap. It's a transition; sometimes I enjoy escaping the expensive, competitive confines of the city's style. (And then sometimes, a makeup-less girl in a matching sweatsuit set with a ponytail walks through the bank and makes every male head turn, because that's style here.) (Then again, I myself can make heads turn and jaws drop by wearing high heels. Where is that hussy going gussied up like that? She must be from the city...)

After my recent "goodbye, city!" shopping spree this past weekend, this little town will take some adjusting to. The nearest mall is about 45 minutes away. -- But mall, the mall, dare we splurge? When, after all, the outlet strip mall is only ten minutes farther away and we can get last year's styles at discounts that will bring stars to your eyes! -- I admit, when I'm here or places like here, I outlet shop and I enjoy it, thankyouverymuch. When in Rome...

But, thankfully, we are also within driving distance to the famous Carousel Center/Mall in Syracuse, which is beautiful and clean and might! even have a MAC or Sephora added since the last time I was here. And if not, if the rumors are not true, there's always Crabtree & Evelyn, Banana Republic, Coach. Is there a Johnny Rockets, too? I think so (mm, milkshake)! And, of course, giant plastic ponies that go round and round to the tune of one's childhood...

Rochester is also not too far, and happens to be the home of Kodak, so I might have my camera fixed and share some of the pictures I've been promising! Stay tuned for updates on that, and musings on the local style.

[EDIT: No Sephora. Maybe in the surrounding area, but not the mall. Damn.]

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