Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What I'm...

... never, ever touching. Wow.

(seen on ShinyShiny)

I mean, I know and live by "beauty is pain", but we must draw a LINE, people!

[EDIT: I decided to add that I do think it looks really cool. I mean, it does have a bold, creative appeal. But if I saw someone wearing it, I'd think she was brave and also crazy.]


Anne said...

It's just attached to a contact lens, isn't it? Seems like it'd just be annoying to blink. And creepy. But not necessarily painful.

The Style Bard said...

Well, I assume they wouldn't make a product that was overtly unbearable, but the matter of 'pain' in this case might be a matter of weight, a matter of discomfort.

If they felt like nothing, on the other hand, then there's the matter of visceral pain. I mean, ugh, things coming out of eyes! If it felt like nothing I'd at least try it, sure, personally I'm more curious than I am bothered by it.

Now you got me re-considering them again!

eurobrat said...

I wrote about this "eye jewelry" too. I think it would look great on someone like Bjork, but unattractive on most people. It's funny how anything to do with eyeballs grosses people out-