Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Labor Day

Hello and Happy Labor Day!

(Or, more recently, Happy Tropical Storm Ernesto-survival Day... ahem, whatajoke... if you're in my neck of the woods.)

Just an announcement that I'll be taking a mini-vacation back to Upstate New York (with the outlet malls of wonder, remember?) through Monday, so have fun and be safe (and be stylish) in my absence.

I'm sure I'll return loaded down with armloads of last season's bargains and lots of great stories. In white shoes? Maybe, maybe not.

I've been a little slow with the updates lately, I'll admit, but I've got a few posts lined up, so see you next week!

Hmm, now how am I going to pack all of my beauty products so that I don't set off every security alarm at the airport...

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